Destiny Child Gets A new Character With Their Own Dungeon

Shift Up has a brand new character that's been added to Destiny Child, as Wodan joins the game with her own special dungeon for you. The latest update brings players a brand new Narrative Dungeon, which will give you a little bit more info and insight about the mysterious past of the game's latest Child. Along with the update comes a number of new challenges, all of which are detailed below from the devs with 3-5 star costumes to achieve. You can download the game from both App Store and Google Play.

Destiny Child Historia Dungeon
Credit: Shift Up

From now until Thursday, May 28, the all-new Narrative Dungeon opens, where players can learn the backstory of Destiny Child's new characters and earn various rewards. In today's dungeon "Re:Birth Lab Historia, players can experience the story of how the devil Wodan was the first to meet Methuselah and set up a laboratory to seek true beauty. By clearing the dungeon, players can unlock the new Child Woden, and collect special rewards including a 5★ Child Summon Ticket, new 5★ equipment items, 5★ Child and more. In addition to the new Narrative Dungeon and the new Child Wodan, Destiny Child receives a wave of beautiful costumes for players to customize their Childs. Players can now unlock the following Pactmaker costumes from the Re:Birth Synthesis Summon for 3~5★ Childs:

  • 5 Pactmaker Costumes – Ichigo Ihara (Tyrving), Reika Kuroki (Ashtoreth), Mortal Realm Wodan (Wodan), Sayoko Hanazono (Bathory), Katsumi Tohdoh (Astraea)
  • 4 Pactmaker Costumes – Yoshiko Yoshida (Quirinus), Shino Tsurumaki (Sonnet), Asagiri Theresa (Unknown), Yano Mayomi (Gungnir)
  • 3 Pactmaker Costumes – Kaneko Kaneda (Baphomet), Kageko Kurokasa (Cynthia), Sana Tanikawa (Alecto)

Players can also get start the following event, between now and Thursday, May 28:

Re:Birth Challenge Event – By playing the Re:Birth Labyrinth and achieving missions, players can earn more Re:Birth Coins, which can be used to summon new costumes for their Childs. In addition to Re:Birth Coins, players can also get 4★ and 5★ Soul Enhancing Cartas and a Grid Refresh Ticket as rewards.

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