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King Of Avalon Gets A New Trailer Featuring Orlando Bloom
FunPlus has released a new trailer for their mobile game King Of Avalon as Orlando Bloom pays the battlefield a visit In a new content update which is called Frost & Flame, you'll be getting major additions to the title, including the game mode Tower Defense, a new unique American-comic art style, a new storyline,[...]
Mobile developer and publisher Lowiro has released a massive update for Arcaea, bringing a ton of content to the mobile title Update 4.0 comes with the brand new Course Mode, available to all players, as well as the latest pack for the primary story called "Final Verdict", which contains four songs (which you'll need to[...]
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No More Robots announced this week that they will be bringing their extreme downhill biking game Descenders over to mobile devices Now you can experience everything about this rush to the bottom title as they throw every bit of intense thrill and unpredictable course running in your hands, as this will essentially be the main[...]
Dicey Dungeons Announces Mobile Edition & New DLC
The team behind Dicey Dungeons have two announcements for the game today as it is both coming to mobile and getting a new DLC The game will be coming to both iOS and Android on July 7th, bringing with it everything from the PC version to your mobile devices But that's not all as all[...]
Ironhide Game Studio Announces Iron Marines Invasion
Ironhide Game Studio revealed their latest game this week with a brand new sci-fi mobile RTS title called Iron Marines Invasion Another entry into the Iron Marines series, the game will dive deeper into the legacy of the galaxy's defenders going after some of the biggest and baddest alien threats throughout the cosmos The game[...]
Electronic Arts Unveils New Lord Of The Rings Mobile Title In The Works
Electronic Arts announced this morning they've partnered with Middle-Earth Enterprises to make a new The Lord Of The Rings mobile title According to today's announcement, this will be an entirely new free-to-play title in which you'll experience everything of Middle-Earth as told in the novels in an entirely new way The game will be called[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble For Mobile
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new mobile title on the way as they look to bring Warcraft to iOS and Android with Warcraft Arclight Rumble This is a totally original tactical game built from scratch using the sights, sounds, and characters of the franchise in a single-player setting You'll craft small armies out of tabletop miniatures[...]
Core Announces One-Year Anniversary Content Including iOS Features
When the software comes to iOS, the fact that you'll be able to make games with a mobile twist will be awesome and innovative, especially in the fact that you'll already have the Core app to play on and won't need to download a ton of other apps to check stuff out We have more[...]
Japanese Game Akindo - Merchant’s Road Is Now Available In English
Zoo Games have officially launched the hit mobile Japanese RPG, Akindo – Merchant's Road, in English on both iOS and Android If you haven't seen this one yet, this game is a F2P real-time battle RPG in which they have mixed together pieces of hero collectors, party-based RPGs, and city simulators Now you can give[...]
Disney Mirrorverse Announced For Mobile Devices In 2022
Disney has partnered with mobile developer Kabam to announce a brand new title coming later this year with Disney Mirrorverse In this stylish take on their properties, this game will take some of their most popular characters and throw them into the thick of battle in a new universe where they are fighting a powerful[...]