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Riva Technology Signs Deal To Make Umbrella Academy Mobile Games
Riva Technology announced a new brand licensing deal with Dark Horse Comics to make The Umbrella Academy mobile games While the finer details of the deal weren't revealed to the public, the basic knowledge out there is that the deal with be for multiple mobile games based on both the popular comic book title as[...]
Punishing: Gray Raven WIll R
Mobile publishers Kuro Game announced today they will be giving Punishing: Gray Raven a worldwide release sometime this Summer The game has already been successful in both China and Japan so far, so rather than just focusing on the APAC region, the team will be broadening their horizons on iOS and Android for everyone to[...]
British Comic Book Stores, Currently Planning to Open on June 15th
NotComics: Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Boris Johnson has come under considerable criticism of late regarding access to him via his mobile phone number With figures of business able to access him directly, including using the WhatsApp messaging app, there has been considerable criticism and demands that Boris Johnson changes his mobile[...]
For Some Reason, Domino's The Noid Is Joining Crash Bandicoot
Specifically on the mobile title Crash Bandicoot: On The Run, where he will be a special character added to the game for a brief time In case you're too young to remember this character, The Noid basically is a physical representation of being "annoyed", which is what you are when your pizza is delivered late[...]
Free Fire
Garena has released a new bundle pack into their highly downloaded mobile title Free Fire with "K.O Fight Night" This addition is basically just here to throw in a bunch of boxing content into the game and doesn't really serve any major purpose toward you winning or losing the game It's basically here just to[...]
Toho Games Reveals More Content For Godzilla Battle Line
Toho Games revealed more content this week for their next Godzilla-themed mobile title on the way called Godzilla Battle Line As you can see, this game has a whose who of monsters from the franchise, including Mothra, Rodan, Gigan, Hedorah, Spacegodzilla, and King Ghidorah The game will have you make a team of monsters to[...]
New Sandbox MMO Moonlight Sculptor Has Opened Pre-Registration
Working with and XL Games (creators of ArcheAge) you can currently sign up for the new mobile title on Google Play and the official website (link above), with signups happening on the App Store available soon That game has already launched in South Korea and has been doing well, which was followed up with releases in[...]
The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Makes His Way To State Of Survival
Norman Reedus' character drops into the game for the next six months, with his likeness and everything, ready to take out whatever undead may be in your way in the zombie mobile title The game is totally free to play so the character is basically added whenever you download the latest update We got more[...]
Bleach: Brave Souls Makes Its Way Over To The PS4
announced this morning that they'll be bringing their hit anime mobile title Bleach: Brave Souls over to the PS4 The game has over 55 million downloads across iOS and Android, bringing the popular anime series to a new audience with an interactive story and fun challenges Now PS4 players will get to experience the game[...]