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How To Heroine
They have just launched an iOS App for the iPad right now, to be followed by iPhone, Android, PC and Mac in the future. Offering a download or streaming digital experience, including DRM-free access where made available by the publisher This would also include the return of In-App purchases, something Amazon was quick to remove after[...]
Core Announces One-Year Anniversary Content Including iOS Features
Core is celebrating its first year with an epic celebration as they bring a lot of the tools and games you love over to iOS this Summer The team launched a brand new social play system called Party Portals, which is available right now and allows you to play some pretty awesome content and will[...]
Influent Will Help iOS Users Learn Languages On October 20th
Three Flip Studios will be releasing their language-learning game Influent on iOS as you can be taught through the power of… lasers? If you haven't seen this game before, it has a unique way of teaching vocabulary and aural reception for over 20 languages by simulating how native speakers learn This is through exposure to[...]
Punishing: Gray Raven Will Officially Launch On July 16th
Kuro Game revealed this week that they'll be unleashing Punishing: Gray Raven onto iOS and Android on July 16th This one is a bit of a mesh of everything as you're getting a highly detailed ultra-stylish hack n' slash sci-fi action-RPG that will keep you coming back for more just to see the artwork As[...]
Wyrd Games Releases The Other Side Company Builder App For Android
This doesn't actually matter, though, as the builder just came out today. A mockup by Wyrd Games of a screenshot from the Company Builder app for their wargame, The Other Side. While the Company Builder app is not available on iOS yet (Author's Note: For this reason I can only really judge it based on the browser[...]
Com2uS Launches Out Of The Park Baseball Go On Mobile
Com2uS has released a new mobile baseball title as Out Of The Park Baseball Go arrives on iOS and Android today The mobile version brings all of the excitement of the series and MLB gameplay to your mobile devices, as you play out the season with some of the best players in the game trying[...]
Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Launches For Mobile
This week, as part of the Warhammer Skulls fan event, Nuverse Limited has launched Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade for iOS and Android devices As part of the launch, Nuverse is launching several new activities and features for players old and new to delve into which includes voice-overs and cross-server battles You can check out all[...]
Secret Neighbor Heads To The App Store For Pre-Order
TinyBuild Games revealed today that they have opened up pre-orders for their group escape title Secret Neighbor on iOS today The game is technically free, so basically you're just signing up to get the game the day it comes out for iOS The game has been doing pretty well on PC as players sneak around[...]
My Time At Portia Coming To Android And iOS Devices This Summer
Fans of simulation adventures RPGs can now take one of their favorite indie games on the go! Independent publisher Pixmain and developer Pathea Games have announced that their hit simulator-adventure game, My Time At Portia, is coming to Android and iOS devices this summer. A screenshot from indie adventure/simulator game My Time At Portia, wherein a[...]
Punishing: Gray Raven WIll R
The game has already been successful in both China and Japan so far, so rather than just focusing on the APAC region, the team will be broadening their horizons on iOS and Android for everyone to check out If you're not familiar with this free-to-play game, this one combines third-person 3D melee with RPG mechanics[...]
Cyberpunk Fighting Game Metal Revolution Will Release This Year
This is a bit of a unique title in that it will be cross-platform, meaning that both iOS and Android players will be able to fight each other in live 1-v-1 competition The game just finished a three-day test to work out some of the kinks and get it ready for release, which will probably[...]