Dishonored Tabletop RPG Adds The Assassin's Four Adventure

Modiphius Games revealed that the Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game will be getting a new expansion with The Assassin's Four adventure. This brand new adventure will give you a little bit more intrigue and cunning as you will be investigating an assassination revolving around the wealthier folks. Along with the new adventure comes some new merch to play with the game as the company revealed an awesome new set of Dishonored-themed dice is now available to purchase through their store. It's a set of five D20 in bleached bone-colored and black ink. Essentially made to look like they were made from whalebone like they used to do back in the day, but obviously not the real deal. We have more info on the adventure below as both it and the dice are available right now to add to your collection and jump in on the gameplay today.

A look at the cover for the Dishonored adventure The Assassin's Four, courtesy of Modiphius Games.
A look at the cover for the Dishonored adventure The Assassin's Four, courtesy of Modiphius Games.

The Assassin's Four is a brand-new 15-page adventure from Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Alison Cybe that sees players helping the intrepid Bottle Street gang investigate an assassination plot coming down from the inner circle of Dunwall's wealthy elite. Will players engage in some good old-fashioned class warfare and bring this pompous noble down? Or will they use this new connection to their advantage and line their pockets while making some potentially useful connections in the world of high society? Help the Bottle Street crew get to the bottom of a mysterious assassination plot, which can either be played as part of an ongoing campaign or as a standalone adventure. During the campaign, players will meet and interact with a series of new NPCs who can serve as future friends or become targets themselves

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