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Brand-New Party Title The Audio Game Available Today
Wilder Toys revealed their latest tabletop title on the way as they have created a new NSFW party game which they're simply calling The Audio Game Using a free app you can download on any mobile device, you'll scan QR codes on cards to submit responses to questions or phrases Much in the same vein[...]
RedDeer Games To Publuish Tabletop Title The Evil One
RedDeer.Games revealed a brand new tabletop title on the way from their company, as they are releasing The Evil One sometime this year The company announced that they obtained a 20-year, modern license to adapt Leopold Tyrmand's book, as they have built the game based on the world within the novels The team worked on[...]
Exploding Kittens & Spot It! Collab On New Game: Anarchy Pancakes
Exploding Kittens has announced today they are working with Spot It! on a new collaboration as they have unveiled their new tabletop game, Anarchy Pancakes The game is actually a reimagining of the original card game, as players start with a stack of pancakes and absurd toppings, as the game will have you matching ingredients[...]
Pocket Paragons Announces CEO Gaming Collab With Kenny Omega
Solis Game Studio revealed they had formed a new collaboration in time for CEO Gaming as Kenny Omega comes to their tabletop card game, Pocket Paragons As CEO makes its return later this month, the game will be holding a special tournament featuring the AEW wrestler as part of the game's branding This is a[...]
Maestro Media To Launch New Smurfs Tabletop Game
Maestro Media announced a new partnership with IMPS/LAFIG as they will launch a brand new tabletop game based on The Smurfs The game is tentatively being called The Smurfs' Hidden Village and is currently being designed by game designers Antoine Bauza (Ghost Stories, 7 Wonders), Corentin Lebrat (Draftsaurus, Flying Goblins), Ludovic Maublanc (Dice Town, Cash'[...]
The Arkham Asylum Files: Panic In Gotham City Has Been Released
Discovery Global Consumer Products to release the AR tabletop title The Arkham Asylum Files: Panic In Gotham City This game was created by the same team who brought you the 2008 award-winning The Dark Knight ARG campaign Why So Serious?, as they have created a new unique experience within the Batman universe Using a combination of a[...]
Roll20 Will Support Pathfinder Second Edition on Day 1
The move comes as part of the Virtual Tabletop Redesign (VTT), as they have gone out of their way to improve the user experience on their design no matter what game you're playing on the system The team released a series of notes, which we have for you below, along with a brand new video[...]
Rebellion Acquires Tunnels & Trolls Roleplaying Game
Rebellion Unplugged, the tabletop wing of Rebellion Developments, revealed they had acquired the license to the Tunnels & Trolls roleplaying game The deal comes after purchasing it from Webbed Sphere Inc., which owns the original publisher Flying Buffalo, which came as a result of the passing of company founder Rick Loomis According to the press[...]
New Tabletop Game Star Wars: Unlimited Announced For 2024
Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee, in partnership with Lucasfilm Games, have revealed a new tabletop title on the way called Star Wars: Unlimited This will be a new fast-paced trading card game made for both beginners and experienced hands, featuring iconic heroes, villains, ships, and settings from the entire franchise across all mediums Organized Play[...]
Modiphius Entertainment Announces BrikWars TTRPG
Modiphius Entertainment has revealed a new Tabletop RPG on the way as BrikWars will be released later this year This is an official, revamped, edited, and "absolutely, definitely the definitive" retail edition of Mike Rayhawk's original game The game, which is clearly a parody of toys such as LEGO, Bikku, COBI, Unico, and other brands[...]
Modiphius Announces New Transmedia IP, Dreams And Machines
They'll be helping us to create stories across many media channels, and of course, those who experience the world through the tabletop will be able to tell stories of their own We're excited to explore Dreams and Machines with our community in the coming years!" Modiphius Entertainment has announced a brand new TTRPG on the way featuring[...]
Hello Kitty: Day At The Park Tabletop Game Announced
Tabletop company Maestro Media announced this week they have formed a new partnership with Sanrio to create the board game Hello Kitty: Day At The Park Not a lot of information was released about the game itself, primarily the reveal gave us the name of the game as it will be focused on the characters[...]
Auto Draft
Skybound Entertainment revealed this week they will be releasing a new tabletop game called No Context, set to arrive at the end of May The game will have you making connections using random art, leading opponents to guess their cards while deducing your opponents' cards The art was all designed by webcomics superstar J.L[...]