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Critical Role Announces Darrington Press' Inagural
Critical Role's tabletop gaming division Darrington Press revealed their first board game on the way with Uk'otoa The name of the game comes from the monster that has been haunting the character Fjord in Campaign Two since the start, as you will now be on a mission to escape the deadly tentacles of this beast[...]
Brew, A Game By Pandasaurus Games, Is Now Available To Preorder
Pandasaurus Games, a tabletop game company based in Austin, Texas, has announced that Brew, their upcoming fantasy board game, is now available to preorder! What's more, the game will have an official expansion featuring creature companions, to come with pre-orders placed before Tuesday, June 15th. The breathtaking art from the box of Brew, a game by Pandsaurus[...]
CartographR Aims To Bring Augmented Reality To Tabletop Games
CartographR Technology revealed plans for their new mobile app today, aimi9ng to bring augmented reality to popular tabletop games Simply called CartographR, the project was successfully Kickstarted a while ago as they developed an app that will allow DM's/GM's to share 3D virtual environments with their players in the physical world Rather than going out[...]
Adam Bradford Heads To Demiplane As Chief Development Officer
If you're not familiar with Bradford's work, he founded D&D Beyond for WotC to work directly with all of their past and current Dungeons & Dragons content for 5th Edition, eventually assuming the role of VP of Tabletop for Fandom after they acquired D&D Beyond in 2018 He had also spent a decade in the[...]
Paizo Debuts One-Shot Pathfinder Adventures With Sundered Waves
Paizo has introduced a new type of digital adventure to their tabletop RPGs with the One-Shot, and has started with a new one for Pathfinder One-Shot adventures have been designed to provide a single-session adventure that will fill roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay for a standard adventuring party Give or take a couple of players[...]