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EFG Has Launched Their New Streaming Platform FACEIT Watch

ESL FACEIT Group has launched a brand new esports streaming platform to catch their tournaments and events called FACEIT Watch.

Article Summary

  • ESL FACEIT Group debuts FACEIT Watch, a unique esports streaming platform.
  • Watch major esports events and access exclusive content with customizable views.
  • Integration with Call of Duty 2024 and Overwatch to enhance competitive gaming.
  • FACEIT Watch offers interactive features like rewind, killcams, and no-spoiler options.

ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) and Znipe Esports launched a brand new streaming platform this week for their own list of esports events and tournaments, as you can now catch them on FACEIT Watch. The TL;DR is that they have moved the majority of their major events over to this new platform, giving you a chance to see everything leading up to major tournaments and finals, with the exception of exclusive content that has already been earmarked for broadcast on Twitch or YouTube. So a few of the finals for events, as well as some major convention tourneys, will be elsewhere. But everything else they have a hand in will only be found in their service. You do need to make an account, but the content is free for now. And we say "for now" because the reality is this system isn't going to be paid forever out of the company's pocket or through sponsorships. You don't set up a platform like this without the intent of doing some kind of paid service somewhere down the road. We have more info on the service from the announcement below.

EFG launches new streaming platform FACEIT Watch
Credit: ESL FACEIT Group


Designed in collaboration with Znipe Esports, a technical partner, FACEIT Watch marks the first major product launch from FACEIT that moves beyond gameplay by offering its audience a unique streaming experience tailored to the user.  Featuring a unique multi-perspective view selector where users can watch their favorite player's perspective directly next to the main event stream, it enables esports fans to pause and rewind, with access to killcams and live-generated replays of key moments and adjust the volume of caster and multi-perspective sounds, as well as disable spoilers, letting them personalize how they engage with FACEIT Watch streaming content.

Earlier this year, FACEIT announced its collaboration with Call of Duty 2024 Challengers Season and partnership with Overwatch, that aim to grow the community of competitive gamers and fans on its platform. The launch of FACEIT Watch will provide an unparalleled viewing experience and create a new way for users to connect and enjoy content with friends, bringing fans closer together. By enabling users to watch their favorite players' perspectives and offering tools that mean they will never miss a play again, FACEIT Watch establishes a new environment where esports enthusiasts can discuss and debate, celebrate victories, and forge lasting connections.

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