Former Call Of Duty Dev Says Series Needs Revitalization

A former employee for Infinity Ward, one of the developers for the Call Of Duty franchise, says the series needs revitalization. Depending on the kind of fan you are for the series right now, this is either one of the best times to be playing it with two developers pushing out a new game every year (along with the battle royale mode in Warzone), or it's becoming one of the most stagnant as some players have complained that the series is now in a rut where it's more about getting you online than ever before while the campaign doesn't have a ton to offer. Both points are totally valid in their own ways,

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Credit: Activision

In a bit of a weird rallying cry done over Twitter, the ModernWarzone feed posted a piece saying the series was in "shambles". This prompted a response from a former developer, Robert Bowling, who used to work for Infinity Ward. If you're not familiar with Bowling's work, he was one of the key people who helped develop the Modern Warfare trilogy between 2006-2012, before resigning from the company expressing frustrations on the development of the series. He posted this message below saying the series needs to be build back up.

As you can see from the responses his tweet received, a lot of people seem to feel the same way about the franchise. However, like a lot of people who tend to complain about the issue, it seems a lot of people are more than happy to say they dislike the current Call Of Duty, but aren't really offering a ton of solutions to fix it beyond "going back" to what it used to be. What do you believe the developers behind the series should do? Tell us what your ideas might be in the comments section below.

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