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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Adds Cagliostro To The Roster

Granblue Fantasy: Versus players have a whole new set of problems to prepare for as Cagliostro has been added to the roster. Don't let the packaging fool you, as she parades around with her spellbook looking very innocent. She's skilled to a degree with weapons, but a lot of her attacks are magic-based as she transmutes weapons from her books to do damage. A lot of them you'll find are extremely unfair, but that's not our problem, that's your problem. Unless you're playing her, then it's everyone else's problem. But we ramble, best to show you in the pics and the trailer below. Also, the devs released Version 2.11, which came with some patch notes that include RPG Mode. You can read about that below as well. You can pick Cagliostro up right now for $7, or as part of the Character Pass 2 DLC for $35 as she comes with Belial and more characters on the way.

Cagliostro, in all her glory, about to make your life miserable. You just don't know it yet. Courtesy of XSEED Games.
Cagliostro, in all her glory, about to make your life miserable. You just don't know it yet. Courtesy of XSEED Games.

Cagliostro may be one of the oldest humans ever to sail the skies, but she's even grown more adorable through the ages thanks to frequent "cuteness upgrades." This alchemist is more than a little obsessed with appearances. Her alchemy skills have helped her do much more than evade death and maintain her youth, though—they've also made her a genius on the battlefield. She can synthesize stalagmites and stalactites and giant boulders in the blink of an eye to terrorize her enemies, burying them in a powerful avalanche.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus RPG Mode

The following new quest episodes have been added.

Chaos Theory
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 40: "The Absolute" (Normal)

*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character to start this quest.

*This quest will still be displayed even if Cagliostro is not available as a playable character.

Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Chaos Theory

*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character to start this quest.

It's Playtime
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Unlock Pandemonium (Hard)

The following character can now be selected as the Quest Character and the Partner.

*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character in order to be selected.

The following new weapons have been added.

Arshivelle's Legacy (SSR/Light)
Dream Atlas (SSR/Water)
Sacred Codex (SR/Light)
Lunalu's Debut Storybook (SR/Dark)
Student Notebook (R/Water)
Forbidden Invyrno (R/Dark)

*You can obtain them through "Forge Weapons" in Siero's Shop or with weapon tickets.
*Certain weapons can also be obtained through the newly added quest episodes.

The following new treasure has been added.

Cagliostro's Medal
*This item can be obtained through a certain quest episode on Hard difficulty.

Color variants for Cagliostro have been added to Siero's Shop. New bonus missions have been added.

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