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Guilty Gear Strive Releases The New Anji Mito Trailer
Arc System Works released their latest character trailer for Guilty Gear Strive as we get a better look at the returning Anji Mito A mainstay of the series since Guilty Gear X, he's back to dance with his fans as one of the primary characters you can fight with But with many of the characters[...]
Nexon Announces DNF Duel At Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival
But based on the fact that they're working with Arc System Works who are still rolling along with their additions to Granblue Fantasy Versus, it wouldn't surprise us at all if they're aiming for a console release with this one Only time will tell as to what the grand plans for this one are However,[...]
Phantasy Star Online 2 Partners With Guilty Gear For New Colla
Starting today and running through December 15th, 2020, you'll be able to access a plethora of costumes and hairstyles from the Arc System Works' fighting game, Guilty Gear, as well as many designs from BlazBlue are available in the AC Scratch Ticket shop Players can wear the outfits and hairstyles of classic characters such as[...]
Granblue Fantasy: Versus Reveals Two New DLC Characters
Arc System Works and Cygames have been hard at work to keep the game updated and fun for everyone in the middle of figuring out how to navigate fan interest and esports competitions during a pandemic It feels like they've been doing a pretty good job The latest update has added two new modes to[...]
Guilty Gear -Strive- Is Getting Two New Characters
It's been a minute since we talked about Guilty Gear -Strive-, but this week, Arc System Works released images of two characters coming to the game Technically one is not new, since they've been a part of the series already, but new in the fact that we don't know much about the roster so any[...]
NIS America Announces They Will Join New Game+ Expo
Included in the bunch are SEGA, Atlus, Natsume, SNK, Idea Factory, Spike Chunsoft, NIS America, Koei Tecmo, GungHo Online Entertainment, Acttil, Arc System Works, Grasshopper Manufacture, Playism, INTI Creates, Aksys Games, and WayForward The majority of them being Japanese companies or those containing an American-based outlet Which makes perfect sense for them to basically outsource[...]
Arc System Works Cancels Arc World Tour Over Coronavirus
Yet another tale this month of how the coronavirus has put an end to another event, as Arc System Works canceled the Arc World Tour 2020 The announcement came down on their official website for the tourney But what's surprising about this is that the tournament was full-speed ahead to start this coming Friday, March[...]
"Granblue Fantasy: Versus" Reveals Zooey For The Character Pass
Arc System Works revealed this week that Zooey will be the last character added to the first Character Pass for Granblue Fantasy: Versus She will join Chaos Bringer, Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta when the DLC is eventually released in April 2020 Because the news is so new and fresh, they've loaded absolutely nothing up about[...]
"Guilty Gear -STRIVE-" Receives A New Faust Trailer
We're not going to see Guilty Gear -STRIVE- until probably around the holidays of 2020, but Arc System Works is happy to tease us with trailers As we're sure we're going to be getting one of these every few weeks until the game eventually releases This time around they give us a look at Faust[...]
Arc System Works Mixes Multiple Games Into "Code Shifter"
Arc System Works is apparently going to be releasing a major crossover game of their own called Code Shifter, featuring several gaming properties The game is mixing in a ton of character from games you may be familiar with, such as River City Ransom, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Kuniokun, and more Many of them in their[...]
Percival Gets A Character Trailer For "Granblue Fantasy: Versus"
We've known for a while that Percival was going to be in Granblue Fantasy Versus, but now Cygames and Arc System Works have given us a trailer You can enjoy watching him in his gallant red armor and mega sword that few people can pick up but him in the video below. Credit: Cygames He travels to[...]
"Granblue Fantasy Versus" Receives Two More Character Trailers
Over the last 24 hours, Arc System Works and Cygames have released two new trailers showing off characters from Granblue Fantasy Versus This time around we get Ferry as well as Lancelot, along with their proper character bios, which you can read here Enjoy the trailers as Granblue Fantasy Versus will be released in Japan[...]
"Granblue Fantasy Versus" Shows Off Katalina In Latest Trailer
Cygames and Arc System Works released a new character trailer for Granblue Fantasy Versus this week, showing off Katalina One of the primary characters in the series, she comes into battle as one of the major protectors clad in armor and ready to duel Some of her moves include the Emerald Sword, Enchanted Lands, Frozen[...]