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No More Heroes 3 Will Release This October On PC & Console
XSEED Games revealed this week they will officially be releasing No More Heroes 3 for both PC and all three major consoles this October Aside from the fact that all of these platforms will get the regular edition of the game, the team will also be releasing a physical Day 1 Edition, which is available for pre-order for[...]
Rune Factor 5 Will be Released In North America In March 2022
and XSEED Games revealed today that they're finally bringing Rune Factory 5 over to PC as it will release in July The game will be the updated version console players are already playing right now, as well as the addition of several packs you can purchase and add to the game They're not required, just[...]
No More Heroes 3 Coming To PC & Other Consoles This Fall
XSEED Games announced this morning that they're finally bringing No More Heroes 3 over to every other platform Originally released for the Nintendo Switch, the game will now be coming out on PC, as well as both Xbox and PlayStation consoles later this Fall What's more, the game will be getting a few different improvements[...]
Rune Factor 5 Will be Released In North America In March 2022
and XSEED Games have released a new trailer for Rune Factory 5 as we get a better look at the game's story This time around you'll be going through a new 3D adventure as you'll be able to tour around the world enjoying seasonal town festivals, taming wolves, battling dangerous foes, and more centered around[...]
An Updated Version Of Corpse Parfty Is Coming October 20th
XSEED Games announced today they're releasing a special updated version of Corpse Party for PC and consoles on October 20th Developed by IMAGES Studio and crafted just in time for Halloween, this is essentially a 25th Anniversary version of the game that has been fully updated for modern consoles and gamers Simply for the purpose[...]
Rune Factor 5 Will be Released In North America In March 2022
XSEED Games revealed they will be releasing Rune Factory 5 in North America, but we won't be getting the game until March 2022 Specifically, we won't see it until March 22nd, as that is the official release date they are putting on the game (for now) Teh game was briefly touched on during the Nintendo[...]
Granblue Fantasy: Versus Announces Vira Coming In December
XSEED Games and Cygames revealed today that one more character is on the way for Granblue Fantasy: Versus this December Originally it was thought that the plan was to no longer have any more DLC characters added to the game once the latest season pass ran out So the fact they're adding another character to[...]
XSEED Games Announces Knockout Home Fitness For Nintendo Switch
XSEED Games announced this week they will be releasing Knockout Home Fitness on the Nintendo Switch this September Much like the game title suggests, this one will have you utilizing the joy-cons of the console to work out and meet challenges in a fun way, as an on-screen guide will tutor you through different workout[...]
Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town Adds Sprite Dance DLC
XSEED Games has added a new DLC to Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town on Nintendo Switch with The Legendary Sprite Dance The fourth DLC to launch as part of the Expansion Pass, this will include a brand new sub-scenario and new Yukata Set outfits for protagonists, as well as the 10 original marriage[...]
Granblue Fantasy: Versus Last Season Two Character Revealed
Cygames and XSEED Games revealed today the last Season Two character coming to Granblue Fantasy: Versus next month It is now official that Seox will be joining the roster, bringing all the power and the pain you would expect from them to the table The Eternal character will be available as part of the Character[...]
First Two No More Heroes Games Coming To PC Next Week
XSEED Games announced this morning that the first two No More Heroes games will be released on PC next week Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Inc and Marvelous Inc., both of the SUDA51 titles helmed by the otaku protagonist Travis Touchdown have been updated and for PC with support for HD resolutions Which includes a smoothed[...]
Eustace Makes His Way Into Granblue Fantasy: Versus
XSEED Games announced this morning that Eustace has joined the roster of playable fighters in Granblue Fantasy: Versus The character has been added as the latest DLC choice, along with a number of updates to the game as part of the recent 2.51 patch The erune gunslinger can be bought as an individual addition for[...]
Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town Releases A Gameplay Trailer
Enjoy the trailer! How will you manage your farm in Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town? Courtesy of XSEED Games. This long-awaited entry in the original farm/life simulation offers players more freedom than ever before! Embrace the pioneer spirit to shape the untamed wilderness, discover new animals and produce, and help them flourish on your farm[...]
Anre Officially Joins The Roster Of Granblue Fantasy: Versus
XSEED Games has released a new DLC character into Granblue Fantasy: Versus as players can now take everyone on as Anre He has been added to the game as part of the 2.31 Patch for the game, which makes him a playable character with additional weapons being added to RPG Mode the patch also throws[...]
Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town Reveals Post-Launch Plans
XSEED Games reveals all of the post-launch plans for DLC and bonus content for Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town The developers have an Expansion Pass on the way that will constantly add new content into the game as the months go by As you can see from the list below, they have plans[...]