If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers Is Headed To Steam For Free

Indie studio Dead Idle Games announced today their hit game from Itch.io, If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers is coming to Steam. The game did exceptionally well when it was released so the team is giving it away for free on Steam for anyone to play when it comes out on September 21st. However, if you're looking for more beyond the base game, they are selling DLC content (the original soundtrack and an artbook) for $4, just in case you'd like to support the team behind it. You can enjoy the latest trailer for the game down at the bottom.

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers Is Headed To Steam For Free
Credit: Dead Idle Games

Gloomy, decadent, and occasionally blood-curdling, If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers takes players on a poignant journey into the past. During a masked ball aboard a luxury steam train, a group of party-goers gather to swap stories, each traveler's tale a little stranger than the last. In a luxurious hotel room in Rome, freshly arrived from Turin, Carlo awaits for his lover Patrick to arrive. However, as the shadow of fascism looms ever larger, the tension of meeting in constant hiding is beginning to take its toll.

Lady Winterbourne has lost her husband in a tragic accident. Now letters from pretenders to her vast fortune keep arriving every day at her mansion, yet the only thing she's interested in is the bottle of laudanum in her cabinet. Harassed, ridiculed and belittled by his peers, Dr. Jordan Samuels has resorted to the occult sciences in a desperate attempt to turn the tables on his tormentors. But is he truly ready to face the Guardian of the Threshold? As much as Laylah enjoys her job, sometimes she yearns for a bit of variety to distract her from her daily routine — even if it means going against her very powerful bosses' orders.

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