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Japanese indie game label Yokaze announced its current slate.

Japanese Indie Game Label Yokaze Reveals Current Projects

Japanese indie gaming label Yokaze has officially been established as a collaboration between developers room6 and Hako Seikatsu. In addition to the official announcement that Yokaze now exists, the company showed off a bit of what it had in the works. Yokaze is a label meant to elicit emotional experiences from players while bringing together […]

Brittany's 2020 Gaming Resolutions: Take More Chances

Brittany's 2020 Gaming Resolutions: Take More Chances

Now that 2020 is finally here, I'm all about making some important changes in my gaming life. I'm going to make this year special in several ways, cut out some old habits, and try plenty of new things. That brings me here: to my 2020 New Year's gaming resolutions. I've been thinking about it, and […]

New Indie Games Subscription Service 'Jump' Announced

If you have a passion for indie titles, Jump might be the new service you need to look into. Jump is an on-demand subscription service that "emphasizes discovery of independent games" by acting like a game portal that houses hundreds of titles for a monthly fee. In essence, it's like GOG or Steam, except only independent […]

Play A Free Demo Of Upcoming Indie RPG 'Path Out'

Occasionally, a game like Path Out comes along and you know there's something cool about what you're seeing before you play it. Built to look like an old-school JRPG with newer graphics, Causa Creations has put together something special, with a couple different tricks up their sleeves that we don't want to give away here. Instead, […]

Will Apple's New Indie Games Page Do Better Than The Last One?

Mobile gaming is quickly becoming one of the most profitable ways to make games. People love being able to play a game on the go, and it's easier than ever thanks to smartphones. Even the big names are getting involved with Nintendo planning to launch several mobile titles each year and Mass Effect: Andromeda is […]

Nintendo Announces First Indie Games Coming To The Switch

Finally we've got a full list of all the indie titles coming to the Nintendo eShop for the Switch. The list is comprised of over 60 indie games that will be available on the Switch this year alone. Several of those games will be taking advantage of the Switch's multi game modes (TV mode, Handheld […]

Kojima Compares Himself To An Indie Developer

Yes you read that right. Darling game designer Hideo Kojima compared himself to an independent game developer because "you can see, basically, who the creator is. They're not hiding. Not hidden behind a layer of things. They're out there in the open." And because you can never mistake a Kojima game for a game by […]

Limbo Creator's Next Game Has Been Pushed Back

Many of us have been waiting for years to see what indie developer Playdead's sophomore effort Inside is all about. The developer created the incredibly impressive Limbo game which is one of the most recognisable indie titles from last generation. The game has been in production for five years, and baring a brief trailer at […]

Former Telltale Developers Unveil The Awesome Looking Oxenfree

I'm a big fan of Telltale's formula, Gone Home and Kentucky Route Zero. Each offers something unique and provides exciting ways to consider what games can be. This new game Oxenfree seems to be melding them all together and adding a dash of horror. That gets me excited. The story seems to focus on a […]

New Indie Game Reflections Lets You Play As…Well, You

This looks like a nifty. Reflections is a new indie title from Broken Window Studios. The game is not about power fantasy or escapism, but instead lets you play through an ordinary person's life. You seem to move through a monochrome world, that becomes full of colour as you interact with it and have experiences. […]