John Wick Hex Makes Its Way To Xbox & Nintendo Switch

Good Shepherd Entertainment revealed today that John Wick Hex is now available on Xbox consoles as well as Nintendo Switch. Bithell Games, who designed the original version of the game for PC, has collaborated with Ant Workshop to bring the title over to consoles as you can now experience the world of John Wick as if it were a strategy game. Make decisions as you run for your life down alleyways and around their fictional version of NYC where pretty much half the population is made up of assassins. Can you survive? You can read more below and check out the trailers for it as well, as the game is being sold for 30% off until December 11th.

John Wick Hex Makes Its Way To Xbox & Nintendo Switch
Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment

Created in close cooperation with the creative teams behind the acclaimed films, John Wick Hex captures the look and feel of the series' signature gun fu combat with unique time-based tactical gameplay that blurs the line between strategy and action. Think and strike like the legendary hitman himself, choosing every action and making quick decisions in the heat of battle. Everything you do has its own risks/rewards and changes the situation at hand, so plan your moves carefully, grab new weapons and ammo as they fall from your foes, and make the most of every second.

  • Experience an original story set prior to the events of the films that expands on the John Wick universe. Become the Baba Yaga on a mission to rescue Winston and Charon from a dangerous new adversary seeking hisbirthright.
  • The world-class voice talents of Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, reprising their iconic roles from the films, and voice acting legend Troy Baker as the game's eponymous villain,"Hex."
  • Progress through the main campaign to unlock new weapons, suit options and locations.
  • Explore the criminal underworld of the films, brought to life with unique 3D graphic noir artwork and an original score from renowned composer Austin Wintory.

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