Lucasfilm Games Will Be The New Banner For Star Wars Titles

Disney has decided to revise an old idea under a new name as the company has launched Lucasfilm Games for all things Star Wars. Disney seems to have a love/hate relationship with video gaming over the years, where they make really great decisions but ultimately don't really like owning and operating anything having to do with gaming. Disney Interactive Studios is a great example of this as they produced amazing titles like Epic Mickey and Disney Infinity, and had an impressive list of developers under its umbrella. But ultimately, the division wasn't run like other divisions, and the studio didn't believe their games were doing well enough, so rather than fix it they shut it down in 2014. Likewise, when the company acquired all things Star Wars, which included the rights to LucasArts, it basically was shuttered and the whole thing sits on a proverbial shelf. Anything Star Wars-related has been delegated to other companies as they sell publishing rights.

A look at the logo for Lucasfilm Games, courtesy of Disney.
A look at the logo for Lucasfilm Games, courtesy of Disney.

Well, that's going to change slightly as the company revealed this week that they are resurrecting the division to a small degree with Lucasfilm Games. The entire concept is that it will act as a company from which all Star Wars games will essentially be promoted. It's not a publisher, not a developer, not even a contributor. It's an in-name-only banner from which they will release games under. A good example of this is that Electronic Arts still has publishing rights for Star Wars titles through 2023, but now you'll see the logo above appear at the start of new games, and information will be found about those games through their eventual website. But beyond being a digital stamp of approval, it's basically just a flashy division name that doesn't do much of anything but prove it's an official title that's Disney approved.

We'd be far more excited about this if some kind of news came with it, like perhaps a re-release of some classic Star Wars titles, or maybe publishing some of the arcade cabinet games to home consoles in a collection. Or even just employing three developers to make their own branded clone of Candy Crush. Instead, all we got for now is a sizzle reel for you to watch.

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