Niantic Lowers Wayfarer Reviewer Level Requirement For Pokémon GO

It may be a little easier for you to turn a spot into a Pokémon GO location as Niantic has lowered their Wayfarer requirements. If you're not familiar with this system, it basically helps the company determine what spots they should turn into gyms and hotspot locations to pick up items, as well as what locations need to be removed for purposes like it being someone's house or being a closed business. To give people more locations to reach without leaving their homes during the COVID-19 epidemic, the company has lowered some of the reviewer level requirements in order to make changes happen quickly and to get new locations added to the system. You can see the full list of changes below in case you'd like to submit a location.

Niantic Wayfarer
Credit: Niantic

Submitting Wayspot Edits

Players can submit suggested edits to existing Wayspots for review within Wayfarer:
    • Level 8 in Ingress Prime – Level 8 grants access to edit text and images; location editing is unlocked at level 12. Learn how to submit a portal edit here.
    • Level 40 in Pokémon GO*

Submitting Wayspot Nominations

Players can nominate new Wayspots for review and manage their nominations on the Wayfarer website:
  • Level 10 in Ingress Prime – Tap the Nomination button in Ingress Prime's Main Menu.
  • Level 40 in Pokémon GO* – Learn how to submit a Pokéstop nomination here.

Reviewing Wayspot Nominations and Edits

Players can visit the Wayfarer website to review Wayspot nominations and edits. In addition to level requirements, players must also pass a quiz to show that they understand Niantic's Wayspot acceptance criteria:
  • Level 11 in Ingress Prime
  • Level 39 in Pokémon GO*
*Only available in certain regions. You'll receive a notification when you're eligible and access is made available in your area. At present, players must also have their game account linked to a Facebook or Google account in order to access the Wayfarer website.

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