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Thoughts on Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom: First Month of Gameplay
A little over a month has passed since Niantic, the mobile game developer behind Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, launched Pikmin Bloom This mobile game reimagines the popular Pikmin franchise as a means to digitally enhance the real world with flowers Let's take a look at this game and see how it compares to the rest of[...]
Mega Steelix Raid Guide for Pokémon GO Players: March 2021
We have another Mega! 2021 has certainly seen Pokémon GO slow down with their Mega Raid rollout after a busy 2021, but Niantic is indeed capping off the year with a new species: Mega Steelix, which we told you about a while before the official announcement With this Raid Guide, you can prepare a team to[...]
The Season of Heritage Begins Today in Pokémon GO
Credit: Niantic The following details of the Season of Heritage were announced over at the official Pokémon GO blog: The Season of Heritage will run from Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m to Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at 10:00 a.m local time. After witnessing the power Hoopa was able to unleash during the Season of Mischief, Professor[...]
Niantic Social Announced for Discontinued Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
If you think that will stop mobile developer Niantic from making bizarre announcements that could've helped the game at an earlier phase in its life, though, you have another thing coming This week, Niantic posted news regarding the rollout of Niantic Social and the impact it will have on their canceled game Let's get into[...]
Shiny Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem Come to Pokémon GO in Huge Update
Credit: Niantic Top Zekrom Counters Pokebattler, which calculates all possible combinations of Pokémon and moves, lists the top 10 Zekrom counters as such: Shadow Mamoswine: Mud-Slap, Avalanche Shadow Dragonite: Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw Palkia: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage Zekrom: Dragon Breath, Outrage Shadow Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage Reshiram: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor Dialga: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Outrage Dragonite: Dragon[...]
Reshiram, Zekrom, & Kyurem Come To Pokémon GO Five Star Raids
Credit: Niantic Build your teams in advance: Niantic offers suggested counters to Pokémon GO players, but your best bet is to ignore those and create prepared teams that you save and then scroll to when you enter the lobby This is because Niantic's suggestions prioritize defense, while the more effective way to raid is to prioritize attack[...]
Pokémon GO Event Review: Ed Sheeran Event 2021
Credit: Niantic What worked in this Pokémon GO event Another chance at Sunglasses Squirtle: Niantic, hear me now! This was a good move We used to get more second chances at previously-released costumed Pokémon, but now, instead, we're just getting a ton of new costumed species This type of Pokémon is considered highly desired in its Shiny form, but[...]
Pokémon GO Event Review: Mischief Unbound Event 2021
Credit: Niantic What worked in this Pokémon GO event Hoopa Unbound: We knew this was coming from the way that Professor Willow alluded to it in the season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research This is truly the culmination of the first-ever time we've seen a season focus on a "story" like this, where previous seasons have instead built toward[...]
Swinub Incense Day Kicks off Pokémon GO’s December Events
Credit: Niantic The following was announced over at the official Pokémon GO blog: Professor Willow has just discovered some mysterious ruins—and within them sits a most mysterious door Its exceptional locking mechanisms suggest that an incredible power may be sealed within… After intense scrutiny, Blanche has determined that the door's first mechanism requires a vast amount of Stardust[...]
Pokémon GO Announces Dragonspiral Descent & Holiday 2021 Events
Niantic has announced details for their December 2021, which includes a surprising and exciting focus on Dragon-type Pokémon As we previously reported, the Unova Dragons Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem will return to Tier Five raids with their highly anticipated Shiny forms releases, and the rare Deino will be featured as the weekly Research Breakthrough encounter[...]
Deino is the December 2021 Research Breakthrough in Pokémon GO
Could this be the best-ever Research Breakthrough in Pokémon GO history? Niantic has announced details for December 2021's content, including the incredibly rare Dragon/Dark-type Pokémon Deino in the Research Breakthrough box Let's take a look at this incredible Deino feature along with the month's Spotlight Hours. Deino in Pokémon GO[...]
Pokémon GO Battle League Season 10: Great Remix Meta Nov. 2021
Credit: Niantic The current top 20 species and moves to use in Pokémon GO's Great League Remix are: Registeel: Lock On, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon Nidoqueen: Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Earth Power Regirock: Lock On, Stone Edge, Focus Blast Diggersby (powered up with Candy XL): Mud Shot, Fire Punch, Earthquake Shadow Nidoqueen: Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Earth Power Whiscash: Mud Shot, Mud[...]
Pokémon GO Battle League Season 10: Great League Meta Nov. 2021
Credit: Niantic The current top 20 species and moves to use in Pokémon GO's Great League are: Galarian Stunfisk: Mud Shot, Rock Slide, Earthquake Trevenant: Shadow Claw, Seed Bomb, Shadow Ball Azumarill (powered up with Candy XL): Bubble, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump Bastiodon (powered up with Candy XL): Smack Down, Stone Edge, Flamethrower Medicham (powered up with Candy XL): Counter, Ice[...]
Constance’s Lament Part 2 Begins in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
With just two months left in the life of Niantic's ill-fated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, the events are rolling out back-to-back The extended Community Day event that combined with the game's 1920's Convergence features has wrapped up, with a new Brilliant Event beginning today Constance's Lament Part Two Brilliant Event will continue the storyline[...]