Pinball FX Receives New Tables & Official Release Window

Zen Studios have revealed new tables coming to their game Pinball FX, as it has officially received a release window. We now know the game will officially be released for PC and consoles sometime in February 2023, and with it will come some new tables for you to play on, as they have now incorporated over 70 designs. This includes recent additions such as The Addams Family. We have the latest trailer and info on the title below, as you can currently play it in Early Access on Steam.

Pinball FX Receives New Tables & Official Release Window
Credit: Zen Studios

"Pinball FX evolves the world's leading digital pinball brand with stellar original tables as well as many based on entertainment's biggest brands, allowing players to customize their own 3D dream game room – the Pin Hall – full of collectibles and rewards unlocked by playing the game. Pinball simulation is now powered by Unreal Engine and features Pro Physics, 4K HDR visuals, and ray tracing. In the months and years following Pinball FX's initial release, players can expect exciting new features – most notably Pinball Royale, a frantically exciting multiplayer action mode incorporating battle royale-style gameplay. Meanwhile, The Addams Family introduces the 1992 bestselling physical pinball machine ever released to the Pinball FX family for the first time ever. Like all other Williams tables brought home thanks to Zen, this includes both a perfect simulation and – switchable at the touch of a button – an enhanced version complete with 3D character models and dazzling visual effects only possible in a video game. Early access at the Epic Games Store has influenced Pinball FX in several ways, including these notable changes that will take effect across all platforms with the console launch in February:

  • Tables will be purchased in multi-table packs from first-party stores rather than through the purchase of individual tables using in-game currency, as has been used throughout early access. Pinball Pass – which enables unlimited access to almost every table via monthly subscription – will continue to use the in-game currency system.
  • Major Pinball FX game features including Tournaments, Seasonal Events, Pro Mode, Friends Score Chase and Leaderboards will be cross-platform enabled.
  • Pinball Pass is going cross-commerce! Access your Pinball Pass subscription on any platform that supports Pinball Pass."

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