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Pinball FX Reveals Multiple New Tables Including The Twilight Zone
Developer and publisher Zen Studios announced several new tables are coming to the Steam version of Pinball FX, including five brand-new titles on the way The three big ones that strand out from the pack are the Godzilla vs Kong, The Twilight Zone, and the Crypt of the NecroDancer tables More importantly, they are remastering[...]
Pinball FX Reveals Gearbox Pinball Collection Based On Several Games
Zen Studios has partnered with Gearbox Publishing to release the Gearbox Pinball Collection for their hit title Pinball FX The collection will be three separate games, each one taking the theme of an IP owned by the company, as you'll have games based on Borderlands, Homeworld, and Brothers In Arms All of them have different[...]
Pinball FX Receives New Tables & Official Release Window
Zen Studios have revealed new tables coming to their game Pinball FX, as it has officially received a release window We now know the game will officially be released for PC and consoles sometime in February 2023, and with it will come some new tables for you to play on, as they have now incorporated[...]