PUBG Season 13 Adds Map Updates & New Ranked Season

Krafton Inc. revealed new details to the 13.1 update for PUBG today, which improves a map, a few mechanics, and adds a secret room! The big updates to the game include a new Ranked Season, as well as some updates to both the Sanhok and taegho maps, along weeith a new map rotation on the way. They've also added a secret room with gear you can snag in a hurry if you know how to find it. We have some of the details below but you can read the full patch notes here.

Can you find the PUBG secret room? Courtesy of Krafton.
Can you find the PUBG secret room? Courtesy of Krafton.


We cannot express our thanks enough for all the great feedback and player comments regarding the release of Taego with Update 12.2. Thanks to your constructive feedback, we're making lots of changes and improvements to Taego; let's jump into it!


We have received a lot of player feedback asking for an increase in the amount of Care Package air drops available in each match. Let's fix that! Previously, it was generally only one player who'd get all the loot from each drop, with not much left to go around. With this update, we've dramatically increased the number of Care Packages, through additional small air drops, allowing more players the chance to hunt them down and loot them up.  When the situation is right, additional Care Packages can be used as hard cover to engage or retreat from your opponent.

  • Increased the number of Care Packages
    • Standard Care Packages: One
    • Small Care Packages: 5 – 15
  • Multi-drop Care Package Contents
    • Ammo, healing items, throwables. Standard Care Package spawn items can also be found inside, with low probability.


The Taego Secret Room can change the course of your match and help you win that chicken dinner. Top-tier gear, including items not found elsewhere on the Battlegrounds can be looted inside the secret room. Hidden keys are scattered across Taego and can looted, then used to access the Taego Secret Room.

  • How to enter the Secret Room
    • After obtaining the key, you can open the secret room door and enter to loot items.
  • Available items
    • Self AED
    • Scopes
    • Low chance of Care Package items
    • Large number of healing items and throwables

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