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PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals Details To Update 19.1
revealed new details to the upcoming 19.1 update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, which mostly focuses on new items The update will arrive on August 10th for PC and August 18th for consoles, as you'll have access to the new MP9 weapon, defend with a new folding shield, ride in a new vehicle in the Pillar Security[...]
Assassin's Creed Is Coming To PUBG: Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
has revealed a new partnership with Ubisoft to have Assassin's Creed cross into PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Two separate events will be kicking off in each game starting in mid-August, in which you will see some of "the tales of the Animus become the realities of the battlegrounds." You'll have a chance to[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals New Skin-Creation Workshop
has a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds that might excite a few people as they have a new skin-creation workshop Much like you've probably seen in other games such as Rocket League when ti comes to blueprints, this new workshop will have you collecting materials as you see below to craft new skins you can[...]
Blackpink Set To Perform An Online Concert In PUBG Mobile
and Tencent Games revealed there will be a new online concert coming to PUBG Mobile as Blackpink will perform live The two parties previously collaborated on the launch of their 2020 record simply called The Album, so it makes perfect sense the K-Pop group would work with them again The event, which will play out[...]
PUBG Battlegrounds To Release Dest
has released more info about the next PUBG: Battlegrounds update as it will bring a brand new map to the game next week Patch 18.2 is set to be released on July 13th, and with it will come Deston, the latest 8×8 map that will keep you busy no matter where you end up You'll[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Details To The 2022 World Invitational Tournament
and Tencent Games dropped new info this morning about the upcoming 2022 PUBG Mobile World Invitational tournament The PMWI will see 16 of the best teams from around the globe compete against each other for a $3M prize pool starting on August 11th For those of you looking to try and attend it, it will[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Launches Massive Cityscape Map Deston
has announced a brand new massive map coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds as we will be getting a dense cityscape setting called Deston Those of you who wanted to fight in maps that had multi-layers, chances for surprises, and a lot of corners are getting your wish on July 13th You are getting a partially flooded,[...]
Krafton Announces New Details For The PUBG Nations Cup 2022
has revealed new details for the next PUBG Battlegrounds major esports event as the PUBG Nations Cup 2022 returns next week Kicking off in Bangkok on June 16th with the first live audience since late 2019, the four-day event will put some of the best teams from across the globe representing their home country in[...]
PUBG Battlegrounds Reveals Patch Notes For 18.1 Update
released new details for their upcoming 18.1 Update for PUBG Battlegrounds, which will kick off Season 18 The team will be kicking off the next ranked season when the update goes live on June 8th for PC and June 16th for consoles, as well as being able to find more healing items in Erangel and[...]
The Boys Will Be Making A Crossover Into PUBG Mobile
announced today that Amazon Prime's The Boys will be making a crossover into PUBG Mobile this month In what is clearly a cross-promotional event to hype up the show's Season 3 premiere on June 3rd, this event will give you the chance to snag some exclusive items including super suits for Homelander, Starlight, and Soldier[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Version 2.0 With Several Updates
and Tencent Games have released Version 2.0 of PUBG Mobile this morning, as the game gets several upgrades and a reworked map The shorthand to a lot of what's going on is that the Livik map has been given an overhaul with a new look that will keep you busy for quite some time figuring[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases New Update With 1v1 Arena
is launching a new update into PUBG: Battlegrounds with new content, including the first 1v1 mode to grace the game The 17.2 Update will be released into the game on May 11th for PC and May 19th for consoles, as you'll be able to test each other's skills on a much more personal level in[...]
The NieR Series Makes Its Way Into New State Mobile
"Many of us here at Krafton and PUBG Studios are huge fans of the NieR Series, so when presented with the opportunity to collaborate we were immediately excited We hope fans of both series enjoy the unique experiences offered through this partnership!" "I never thought I would see cosplay of NieR Series characters in the world[...]