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Spider-Man Makes His Way Into PUBG Mobile
Continuing the promotion of the latest film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Sony has partnered up with Tencent Games and Krafton Inc to bring the web-slinger to the game Starting from today, players around the world now have the chance to get exclusive items in the game related to the character, such as collaboration graffiti by[...]
PUBG Season 13 Adds Map Updates & New Ranked Season
Krafton Inc revealed new details to the 13.1 update for PUBG today, which improves a map, a few mechanics, and adds a secret room! The big updates to the game include a new Ranked Season, as well as some updates to both the Sanhok and taegho maps, along weeith a new map rotation on the[...]
PUBG Mobile Partners With Designer Julien Fournié
Meanwhile, we have what details were revealed below from Krafton, as well as a quote from Fournié. Credit: Tencent Games Julien Fournié is a French designer known for his work in Haute Couture, a fashion discipline which focuses on exclusivity, authenticity, creativity, innovation and traditional craftsmanship Eschewing the modern trends of ready-to-wear fast fashion, Julien Fournié and Haute Couture create[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches new partnership With Line Friends
Tencent Games and Krafton have revealed today that they've launched a new partnership between PUBG Mobile and Line Friends From June 18th to July 14th, players will have the opportunity to unlock limited-time-themed items through events and challenges within the game This is a fun little event that fans of both will probably enjoy delving[...]
PUBG Mobile Gets Microscopic With Traverse-Insectoid Mode
Krafton and Tencent Games released the 1.4 Update into PUBG Mobile this morning as things are getting smaller for a little while Starting today and running all the way to July 5th, the game will have you playing in Traverse-Insectoid mode, which essentially means you've been shrunken down to the size of an action figure[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces New Partnership With McLaren
Krafton and Tencent Games revealed today that they have formed a new partnership between PUBG Mobile and McLaren The deal brings about a short event in which they have dropped the McLaren 570S Coupé sportscar, into the game featuring six finishes This is also the first vehicle available exclusively through the PUBG Mobile Lucky Draw[...]
Krafton Announces Project Windless Based On Korean Fantasy Novel
Krafton Inc revealed today that they will be launching a new game called Project Windless based on a popular Korean fantasy novel The game will be based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, which if you're not familiar with it is a novel series that was created and written by Yeong-do Lee The author is[...]
PUBG Receives Several Updates With Latest 12.1 Patch
Krafton released the details this morning of all the new additions, which include an update to Miramar and the addition of two new maps on the way in 2021 There's also a limited-time racing mode, and several updates to the current season We got the details for you here along with a video showing off[...]
PUBG: New State
Krafton announced today that they will be opening registration for the alpha testing phase for PUBG: New State The dev team is looking to test everything out before they do a full launch, as they will be conducting a closed Alpha Test for Android users in the United States from June 11th-13th Those eligible and[...]
Godzilla Vs. Kong Event Has Launched In PUBG Mobile
Krafton and Tencent Games have launched a new event into PUBG Mobile today as we see Godzilla Vs Kong takes over the island In yet another movie tie-in from the franchise, the two monsters (and some of their rivals) will make their way into the game, creating a new set of hazards you'll need to[...]
PUBG Reveals Details To Update 11.2 On The Way
Krafton unveiled details this week about the upcoming 11.2 Update that has been unleashed into PUBG for everyone to play The update didn't have a ton of content to it beyond the fact that Erangel got a bit of a facelift for players to enjoy and some balancing for the gameplay The real addition to[...]
PUBG Mobile Pro League Adds Seven New Regions & World Tournament
Krafton and Tencent Games announced new changes to the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2021 schedule with some major additions The PMPL has mainly been located in the APAC region of the world since that's primarily where PUBG Mobile has remained heavily popular over the years But the league recognizes the need for expansion as new[...]
Auto Draft
Krafton and Tencent Games are celebrating one billion downloads for PUBG Mobile with new content and a collab with… Godzilla?  As part of the game's ongoing three-year anniversary celebration, they are partnering up with Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures for their upcoming film Godzilla vs Kong for an exclusive in-game event[...]
PUBG Season 11 Reveals A Returning Map & Several Adjustments
Krafton Inc has revealed new details to PUBG Season 11 today as a specific map makes its return and the game gets a few adjustments This season reintroduces Paramo to the game, as you get to go back to the chaotic and popular 3×3 map set in the highlands of South America, with an active[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Details For Their Royale Pass Season 18
Krafton and Tencent Games revealed the finer details this morning on PUBG Mobile's Royale Pass for Season 18 The pass comes as part of the Version 1.3 content update that dropped today, featuring the Hundred Rhythms theme as part of the pass for players to get their groove on When you snag the pass you[...]