Punishing: Gray Raven Will Officially Launch On July 16th

Kuro Game revealed this week that they'll be unleashing Punishing: Gray Raven onto iOS and Android on July 16th. This one is a bit of a mesh of everything as you're getting a highly detailed ultra-stylish hack n' slash sci-fi action-RPG that will keep you coming back for more just to see the artwork. As we speak, pre-registration is currently open as they've racked up over 300k pre-registrations that have been confirmed. Those who sign up ahead of time will be given a bundle of resources to help them out at the start and essentially tip the odds in their favor a little. We got more info about the game here if you're interested, along with the latest trailer.

Credit: Kuro Game
Credit: Kuro Game

In a grim post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been pushed to the brink. A biomechanical virus known as the Punishing has almost wiped out organic life on the planet and converted a legion of Corrupted machines into an army. Deploying from the space station Babylonia, the Gray Raven squad are the elite cyborg soldiers leading the mission to reclaim our world. You are their Commandant. Free-to-play and designed around minimising grind, Punishing: Gray Raven features stunning graphics, frantic combo-chaining 3D arcade combat, RPG-style squad management systems and far more. Featuring a deep, dark and ongoing sci-fi story; players will slowly unravel the secrets behind the Punishing virus, and unearth truths that might have been better off staying buried.

Outside of its massive and ever-expanding story (look forward to multiple new story chapters and limited-time events by the end of 2021), Punishing: Gray Raven features online co-op scenarios for up to three players, online leaderboards for challenge stages and social features, including a dorm-management minigame. Use the spoils of war to create a home away from home, decorate it and invite your friends to visit.

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