Razer Reveals A New Low-Friction Mouse Mat With The Acari

Razer revealed a brand new mouse mat this week as they have a smoother new low-friction design in the Acari. It's been a minute since we've seen them introduce a new mat as their line is pretty straight-forward with various degrees of size and durability. But this is a bit of new territory for them as they have gone out of their way to create one of the slickest designs for a mouse mat around. The most interesting aspect is that they chose to go with a hardened top with an Ultraviolet activated nano-bead surface rather than sticking to their traditional roll-up designs, as the company usually improves on or creates new models of previous lines.Here's some added info on the mat.

A look at the new Acari mouse mat, courtesy of Razer.
A look at the new Acari mouse mat, courtesy of Razer.

The ultra-low friction Acari mouse mat, designed for the smoothest mouse gliding and maximum speed within a generous 420x320mm surface area – allowing for ultra-fast reaction times and pixel-perfect accuracy. Using a unique, hard-wearing Ultraviolet activated nano-bead surface, the Acari guarantees precise pixel tracking with world-class static and dynamic friction coefficients. To deliver accurate, smooth mouse tracking and ensure consistent, drag-free swipes, the Razer Acari uses an oleophobic surface on top of the nano-bead layer to reduce the build-up of binding agents such as natural skin oils and dust. This is bonded to a polycarbonate core, with a textured rubber backing, to create a slick, smooth gliding surface with a secure non-slip base, just 1.95mm thick.

The new Acari mouse mat is currently on sale for $60 through the company's website as well as other retailers. It's a pretty impressive mat to come out from the company that we'd be interested to see how many esports players end up snagging for their setups, considering that would give them an extra hair of an edge.

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