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Razer & Sanrio Launch Exclusive Hello Kitty & Friends Collection
Razer has partnered up with Sanrio to give Hello Kitty fans some amazing gaming gear with a brand new capsule collection, available right now The two have come together for a set of products that basically are going to be the end-all-be-all for gamers who love everything from this franchise Included in all of this[...]
Razer Revealed Several At-Home Items During CES 2022
During CES 2022, Razer unveiled a number of new items that specifically pertained more to gaming at home than accessories The two big items from the list of reveals are the Zephjyr Pro, which it looks like will be a major seller with COVID-19's Omicron variant going around, and the Project Sophia which looks amazing[...]
Razer & Fossil Announce The Gen 6 Smartwatch At CES 2022
During CES 2022 today, Razer revealed a brand new collaboration with Fossil as they're releasing the Gen 6 Smartwatch together This will be the first smartwatch powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Platform, which is an overall upgrade from the previous system that will give you accuracy, better performance, adaptivity, and more when it comes[...]
Razer Shows Off All-New Blade Gaming Laptops For CES 2022
Razer has several revealed during CES 2022, which started off with a brand new series of Blade gaming laptops going out this week The three new models are the Blade 14, Blade 15, and Blade 17, each taking their name for the size monitor they come equipped with Each of them gives you various options[...]
Razer Launches Star Wars Boba Fett Wireless Controller
Razer has released a brand new gaming controller for Xbox in partnership with Disney as we have a Boba Fett wireless controller The team is preparing for the brand new TV series that's going to be released soon on Disney+, and they're celebrating in style with this special controller made to look like the infamous[...]
Razer Opens Third RazerStore Retail Location In Seattle
Over the weekend, Razer opened up a brand new retail location for the RazerStore, as those up in the northwest have a shop in Seattle For those of you looking for it, the shop location is up in the University Village Shopping Center, adjacent to the University of Washington This makes the third in the[...]
Razer Unveils New Pro Productivity Line Of Peripherals
Razer unveiled a brand new set of gaming peripherals this week as they are creating more options for work with their Pro Productivity line The goal behind them is to give players pro-gaming gear that also works well for daily everyday work, which has become essential since many are still working from home during the[...]
Razer Reveals Multiple New Items During RazerCon 2021
Razer held their official convention RazerCon 2021 today as they revealed multiple products coming in the near future The biggest reveals for the day were a new version of the Kraken V3 Pro headset, a new Quartz version of their Book laptop, a brand new version of their gaming chairs called the Enki, several PC[...]
Razer Launches Two New Pro-Streamer Microphones
Razer has launched two brand new professional streamer microphones in the form of the Seiren V2 X and the Seiren V2 Pro Both of these have taken previous designs and upgraded them with better tech and a more modern feel compared to other microphones on the market Both of them also come with the ability[...]
Razer Launches New Windows 11 Razer Book & Blade Laptops
Razer announced a new line of gaming laptops this week as they released new Book and Blade designs that come complete with Windows 11 While most of their laptop line will be able to upgrade for free, some people would like to forgo the mess of having to do the download and want to start[...]
Razer Unveils Kiyo X & Ripsaw X For Streaming Content Creators
Razer unveiled two new items to help out content creators who do livestreaming as they showed off the Kiyo X and the Ripsaw X Starting with the Kiyo X, this is a brand new update to their line of webcams as they have kept the design up upgraded the inner workings and made it outside[...]
Razer Announces RazerCon Will Return On October 21st
Razer revealed today that they are bringing back the digital convention RazerCon, as the 2021 event will be held on October 21st As you might suspect from the name, this is going to be the company's biggest presentation of the year as they will reveal a number of new products coming over the next calendar[...]
Razer Reveals Brand New Line Of Console Peripherals
Razer revealed a new line of console peripherals this week, giving Xbox and PlayStation owners some new options to game with The big item on the list was the Kaira X, which was given a slight upgrade and makeover as you have green for Xbox players and white for PlayStation players, with the model designed[...]
Razer Releases Huntsman V2 & TKL Gaming Keyboard
Razer revealed a brand new version of one of their gaming keyboards as the Huntsman V2 has been revealed with a TKL version as well As you might suspect from the name, this is a top-to-bottom improvement over the previous version as they have adjusted everything to be faster and more responsive, as well as[...]
Razer Releases Basilisk V3 Customizable Gaming Mouse
Razer dropped a brand new gaming mouse this week into the product line as gamers can now get their hands on the new Basilisk V3 This particular design was created to have advanced customizability for the best kind of control over how you choose to play, with 10+1 programmable buttons and an intelligent scroll wheel[...]