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Razer Is Launching A New RazerStore In Los Angeles
Razer announced today that they are launching a brand new RazerStore in Los Angeles, finally adding a location to the city The company has slowly been expanding its store locations over the past few years, giving players in major cities a location they can actually visit to check out the latest in hardware and accessories,[...]
Razer Unveils The Wolverine V2 Pro Game Controller For PS5
Razer has revealed a brand new version of one of their gaming controllers as they have unveiled the Wolverine V2 Pro for the PlayStation 5 The company created this special version to work with the next-gen console as well as PC, giving you all the enhancements and improvements you would normally find in a standard[...]
Razer Reveals & Launches The Naga V2 Pro Mouse
Razer has launched a brand new model of one of their popular gaming mice as they unveiled the Naga V2 Pro Mouse They actually released two versions of this model as you have the standard edition and the hyperspeed edition, both of which are designed to give you the best performance possible in a mouse[...]
Razer Launches Restorify For Traceable Carbon Neutral Checkouts
Razer announced a new effort to become more carbon neutral with Restorify, which will change up their checkout system Playing into their #GoGreenWithRazer initiative, this new system provides customers a chance to offset their purchases with traceable carbon credits designed to help businesses calculate their products' carbon footprint The service and the details behind it[...]
Razer Announces Date For Virtual RazerCon 2022
This morning, Razer held their annual RazerCon livestream, showing off new and upcoming items for their line of products The company has taken today to show off some of the efforts they are making in their company, but also highlighting the new gear being added to the shop Which includes a new mobile cloud gaming[...]
Razer Unveils Fresh New Athleisure Instinct Collection
Razer has unveiled a new line of clothing and accessories this week for those looking to work out with the Athleisure Instinct Collection As the name suggests, this line of clothing is designed to give you a bit of fashion while also working out, all with the Razer green tint to the products The line[...]
Razer Releases Its new Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar
Razer released a brand new audio device this past week as PC players can get their hands on the new Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar This particular soundbar was designed to be about as compact as they could make it without taking away from any of the audio capabilities As you can see from the[...]
Razer Announces Date For Virtual RazerCon 2022
Razer announced the official date of when they'll be holding RazerCon 2022, as the event will again be held digitally as a live stream The annual flagship event for the company will take place on October 19th as they will reveal new products on the way for 2023, as well as new initiatives and other[...]
We Review The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Gaming Mouse
Razer recently dropped a brand new version of one of their high-precision gaming mice with the Basilisk V3 Pro, along with a new charging option The team basically aimed to have one of the best options around for both casual gamers and esports pros while still having that distinct look and feel of a Razer[...]
Razer Releases Ultra-Lightweight DeathAdder V3 Pro
Razer dropped another new gaming mouse into their shop today as we have the new and improved ultra-lightweight DeathAdder V3 Pro The mouse, as you see below in white (also in black) comes with improvements all across the board, especially in response to timing and reactions to whatever you're doing They have upgraded it to[...]
Razer Reveals Two New Mouse Mats
Razer revealed two new mouse mats this week to add to their line with the Strider Chroma and the Goliathus Chroma 3XL Both mats are designed to improve on previous models while also looking a bit more stylish and comfortable for longer gaming sessions, with the company bragging that the Strider has 19 customizable lighting[...]
Razer Announces Two Special Editions Of The Enki Pro Gaming Chair
Razer unveiled two new editions of their Enki Pro gaming chair today, as they're partnering with Williams Esports and Koenigsegg Both of these special editions carry all of the usual benefits you get from the Enki Pro, which the company updated a short time ago with improvements on the original However, these two are colored[...]
Razer Launches New Low-Profile Keyboard In Deathstalker V2 Pro
Razer dropped a brand new gaming keyboard that is made for pretty much everyone in some fashion with the Deathstalker V2 Akin to some other designs that we've seen come out in recent years, this is made to be an amazing gaming keyboard, but also functions quite well as an all-purpose keyboard This is something[...]
Razer Reveals New Blade 14 Quartz Colorway & Skins
Razer revealed a couple of new additions to their lineup this week with the Blade 14 now in quartz, and new skins to add to products Basically, you can now get the laptop looking as shiny and pink as you want with a new colorway option, which is currently available both online and in the[...]
Razer Announces New Streaming Device With The Stream Controller
Razer revealed a brand new item today that streamers will be interested in checking out as they announced the Stream Controller Essentially designed as an all-in-one control panel for those who wish to livestream and have access to a number of options while they work The controller features 12 customizable haptic switchblade keys, six analog[...]
Razer Acquires Interhaprics To Help Expand HyperSense Product Line
Razer announced this past week that they have officially acquired Interhaptics, the leading haptics development platform for game studios According to the brief bit of info they released, the primary focus of the acquisition is to apply the company's technology to help them expand their HyperSense line of products If you're not familiar with HyperSense,[...]
Razer Releases Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard
Razer has revealed a brand new model of gaming keyboard as part of their line today with the Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard The particular design to this was was to provide a smaller version that was a bit more comfortable, giving you the same feeling of a regular keyboard with more instant access options[...]
Razer Reveals The Evolution Of The Kishi Mobile Gaming Controllers
Razer revealed new details today about the upgrades they're making to the Kishi mobile gaming controllers as they take on an evolution This new model, which is just simply going to be called the Kisji V2, will come with a number of improvements over the previous model including tactile microswitch controls, dual multifunction buttons, a[...]
Razer Reveals World's First Ecologo-Certified Gaming Mice
Razer announced this past weekend that the company has released the world's first Ecologo-certified gaming mice with two of its own products The news came out on World Environment Day as they revealed that both the Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential had passed UL2710, the Outline of Investigation for Sustainability for Portable Electronics, which[...]
Razer Partners With TUMI For Esports-Inspired Bags
Razer announced another new partnership this morning as they have collaborated with TUMI to make a new line of esports-inspired bags The two companies will be dropping these co-branded items on June 3rd, offering up a few different options for gamers on the go Only 1,337 units (LEET, get it?) of each style will be[...]
Razer Reveals Brand New Barracuda Line Of Headsets
Razer revealed an awesome new line of gaming headsets this morning as they have introduced the brand new Barracuda set with multiple options Depending on what you need and how much you're willing to spend, you have a few choices in front of you The basic model is simply the Barracuda ($100) which gives you[...]
Razer Lanuches Two new Apparel Collections With Genesis & Unleashed
Razer revealed today that they will be releasing brand new apparel collections in two different lines, which will be called Genesis and Unleashed These two lines are a part of a new in-house apparel set that is designed to give comfort and fashion at home and on the go The company has released previous "limited[...]
Razer Launches New Esports Mouse In The Razer Viper V2 Pro
Razer has revealed a brand new gaming mouse this week which is being launched today as part of the esports line with the new Viper V2 Pro This version is more of an ultra-lightweight wireless competitive mouse that has been designed hand-in-hand with feedback from esports pros This design is over 20% lighter than the[...]
Razer Launches New Stormtrooper Wireless Controller & Charger
Razer unveiled a brand new wireless controller this morning as part of Star Wars Day 2022 as we're getting a Stormtrooper-themed set Much like their previous collaborations with Disney to bring about the Boba Fett and Mandalorian versions, this one has been designed to be an Xbox controller that works with both the previous and[...]
Razer Announces Its New Blade 15 Gaming Laptop
Razer dropped a brand new announcement today for their next gaming laptop, as we got a better look at the new version of the Blade 15 The team basically gave this model an overall upgrade in parts, additional gear, memory, and more as this is a step up from the previous version in almost every[...]
Razer Releases The Leviathan V2 Gaming Soundbar
Razer has released a brand new piece of audio gaming gear today as you can now get your hands on the Leviathan V2 Gaming Soundbar An upgrade from the previous version, this soundbar has been designed to bring out the best audio from movies, games, and music in the best high-fidelity audio possible They've done[...]
Razer Announces Its Next Environmental Conservation Initiative
Razer is celebrating a special milestone for their environmental conservation initiative while also announcing the next step in their plan First off, the company is celebrating their their effort to using recycled materials in their own products has saved one million trees worldwide Second, they revealed a new effort as they continue to work with[...]
Razer Introduces Three New Streaming Hardware Products
Razer has revealed three new items this week as they are boosting their streaming hardware selection with some cool new choices All of these items focus on areas that streamers need for their setups, two specifically for the desk and one that can be for at home or mobile The big one of the bunch[...]
Razer Launches The New Huntsman Mini Analog Keyboard
Razer has launched a brand new mini gaming keyboard to their line of peripherals with the Huntsman Mini Analog Keyboard This is basically taking all of the things that made the original Huntsman stand out and giving them a full upgrade with the mini design so that it still functions as an amazing keyboard while[...]
Razer Announces New Esports Partnership With Envy Gaming
Razer has announced a brand new esports partnership this week as they will be teaming up with both Envy Gaming and OpTic Gaming The finer details of the deal weren't revealed, but the broad strokes to this one are that it will be a multi-year partnership that will see sponsorship across both groups and their[...]