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Razer Reveals New Lifestyle Wireless Gaming Headsets In The Opus X
Razer has unveiled a brand new line of lifestyle wireless gaming headsets this morning as they present the 2021 line of Opus X headsets These aren't built to be the end-all-be-all of gaming headsets like some of their other lines are, these are designed to be more casual and portable so you get the same[...]
Razer Will Hold Its First Official Keynote For E3 This Year
Razer will be performing a first for their company this month as they will hold their first-ever E3 keynote during this year's event Much like everything else E3, this one will be streamed live during the event Although it is unclear as to whether or not the event will be live as it happens or[...]
Razer, Intellivision, & Indie Devs Join E3 2021 Lineup
The Entertainment Software Association revealed this week more companies who have joined the E3 2021 lineup, which includes Razer and Intellivision The organizers didn't really say much about the additions In fact, the entire press release (which we have for you below to read) basically just rolls off who is involved and nothing else It's[...]
Razer Unveils The BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Gaming Keyboard
This week, Razer unveiled a new entry into their line of gaming keyboards as we got introduced to the BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed This one was designed to have a slimmer streamlined appearance as you're looking at a 65% gaming keyboard with full-height keys, arrow and navigation keysets for maximum usability, and low-latency wireless connectivity[...]
Razer Reveals Ultra-Light & Portable Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer showed off a brand new ultra-light and portable wireless gaming mouse this week in the form of the Orochi V2 This version is more of a compact design that was made to be taken anywhere you need it to go, complete with a power system when it can get over 900 hours of use[...]
Razer Unveills The New Book 13 SKU With More Memory
This morning, Razer decided to reveal a new gaming laptop as they showed off the new Razer Book 13 with a 512GB SSD The shorthand version of this model, along with its memory, is that it comes with a 13.4" Full-HD touch display, an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, and 16GB DDR4 memory While good for[...]
Razer Green Fund Announced To Help Support Sustainability Startups
Razer  has revealed the "Razer Green Fund" today, in which they will be dedicating $50m to sustainable startups over the next ten years The move goes hand-in-hand with their plans to go green and be carbon-free over the next few years with their "Go Green With Razer" sustainability initiative Their first official venture with this[...]
Razer Unveils The Kanagawa Wave Apparel Coolection
Razer has unveiled a brand new clothing line as part of their Go Green campaign, as we're getting the Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection Aside from the green artwork that you see adorned on every piece of apparel, this all-new limited-edition streetwear capsule has been made from 100% recycled materials What's more, that company is committing[...]
Razer Launches Their Ultra-Light Kraken V3 X Headset
Razer unveiled their latest gaming headset this week as they have an improvement on a current model with the Kraken V3 X Headset This particular model has been made lighter than the previous one and has been designed for prolonged use and improved comfort This one comes with upgraded audio drivers for enhanced immersion and[...]
Razer Reveals Sustainability Goals To Be 100% Carbon Neutral By 2030
An interesting bit of news from Razer today at the company has released information about their new sustainability initiatives They have revealed a long-term commitment to a 10-year environmental roadmap with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint to neutral by 2030 Part of those plans includes a brand new HQ building in Germany that[...]
Razer Launches A New Lifestyle Item With The Anzu Smart Glasses
Razer has launched a brand new accessory today as they unveiled a new pair of smart glasses which they're branding the Anzu These aren't your average pair as the company has combined two forms of protection with 35% blue light filtering lenses and 99% UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglasses Along with some fun electronics added as[...]
The Razer Iskur Receives A Brand New Color Scheme
Razer has unveiled a brand new look to their own gaming chair, the Iskur, as the design is going completely black The chair originally was released with what you would call the standard color scheme for the company as it had green trimming, a green logo, their name in green across the pillow It was[...]
Razer Reveals The Inaugural Razer DevCon 2021
Razer announced that they will be launching a brand new online convention this year with the formation of Razer DevCon 2021 The inaugural event will be taking place on May 7th, 2021, starting at 10AM PT on the official Razer Twitch channel The event will aim to gives developers of all kinds to gain insight[...]
Razer Reveals Their Latest Webcam With The Kiyo Pro
Razer unveiled their latest addition for streamers as well as people working from home with their new webcam, the Kiyo Pro. This particular model is a USB camera with a high-performance Adaptive Light Sensor built in to help create dynamic images, even compensating for low-light conditions Meaning you can be working a regular desk job or[...]
Razer Reveals Multiple Items Including A Charging Dock
Razer revealed a new set of products today to add to their line of accessories, which included a charging dock and a laptop stand First off, we have a new gaming keyboard to check out in the form of the Huntsman V2 Analog Keyboard, which is an upgrade with a couple of key improvements on[...]