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Razer Reveals Brand New Line Of Console Peripherals
Razer revealed a new line of console peripherals this week, giving Xbox and PlayStation owners some new options to game with The big item on the list was the Kaira X, which was given a slight upgrade and makeover as you have green for Xbox players and white for PlayStation players, with the model designed[...]
Razer Releases Huntsman V2 & TKL Gaming Keyboard
Razer revealed a brand new version of one of their gaming keyboards as the Huntsman V2 has been revealed with a TKL version as well As you might suspect from the name, this is a top-to-bottom improvement over the previous version as they have adjusted everything to be faster and more responsive, as well as[...]
Razer Releases Basilisk V3 Customizable Gaming Mouse
Razer dropped a brand new gaming mouse this week into the product line as gamers can now get their hands on the new Basilisk V3 This particular design was created to have advanced customizability for the best kind of control over how you choose to play, with 10+1 programmable buttons and an intelligent scroll wheel[...]
Razer Announces New Line Of Halo Infinite Peripherals
Razer has revealed their brand new line of products designed for Halo Infinite as they prepare for the game to drop later this year As you can see from the images below, we're getting a whole line of items as they will be releasing specialized versions of the Kaira Pro for Xbox, BlackWidow V3, DeathAdder[...]
Review: Razer's Hammerhead True Wireless V2 Earbuds
This week, Razer revealed their latest set of earbuds as they have released the Hammerhead True Wireless V2 Earbuds This latest set was boasted as an improvement on the original pair and brings about a number of additions that the previous model didn't have But how good are they? Prior to the announcement, we had[...]
Razer Launches The Cortex Instant Games Tournaments
Razer revealed a brand-new tournament platform they've launched for PC and mobile devices with the Cortex Instant Games Tournaments The entire focus is on games that are "instantly playable" and casual for players to just jump into and sign up immediately without having to go through a drawn-out process Instant Games are playable directly from[...]
Razer Renames Their Facemask Project Hazel To Be The Razer Zephyr
Razer revealed today that they have officially named their new facemask, previously known as Project Hazel, to the Razer Zephyr Earlier in the year, the company revealed that they had created their own wearable air purifier that would light up and make it easier to see someone's face while breathing Essentially, a major item for[...]
Razer Reveals New Updates To Blade 17 & 15 Laptops
This morning, Razer dropped new info on updates that have been added to both the Blade 17 Gaming Laptop, as well as the Blade 15 series According to the company, the Blade 17 will be getting several improvements to the model, including having processors up to an Intel i9-11900H Anti-Fingerprint Resistive Coating, a full HD[...]
Razer Launches Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset
Razer has a brand new gaming headset on the market as they have officially launched the Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset this morning The big thing that makes this headset super special is that it is multi-platform adaptable Meaning you can play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation with it, just simply by switching[...]
Razer Reveals New Gaming Laptop & Specialty Headset During E3 2021
Razer revealed a number of new products during their E3 2021 keynote today, including a new gaming laptop and more Among the new items revealed today were the brand new Blade 14 gaming laptop, the Raptor 27 gaming monitor (which can be set up for three linked monitors at once), and the USB-C GaN charger[...]
Razer Reveals New Lifestyle Wireless Gaming Headsets In The Opus X
Razer has unveiled a brand new line of lifestyle wireless gaming headsets this morning as they present the 2021 line of Opus X headsets These aren't built to be the end-all-be-all of gaming headsets like some of their other lines are, these are designed to be more casual and portable so you get the same[...]
Razer Will Hold Its First Official Keynote For E3 This Year
Razer will be performing a first for their company this month as they will hold their first-ever E3 keynote during this year's event Much like everything else E3, this one will be streamed live during the event Although it is unclear as to whether or not the event will be live as it happens or[...]
Razer, Intellivision, & Indie Devs Join E3 2021 Lineup
The Entertainment Software Association revealed this week more companies who have joined the E3 2021 lineup, which includes Razer and Intellivision The organizers didn't really say much about the additions In fact, the entire press release (which we have for you below to read) basically just rolls off who is involved and nothing else It's[...]
Razer Unveils The BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Gaming Keyboard
This week, Razer unveiled a new entry into their line of gaming keyboards as we got introduced to the BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed This one was designed to have a slimmer streamlined appearance as you're looking at a 65% gaming keyboard with full-height keys, arrow and navigation keysets for maximum usability, and low-latency wireless connectivity[...]
Razer Reveals Ultra-Light & Portable Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer showed off a brand new ultra-light and portable wireless gaming mouse this week in the form of the Orochi V2 This version is more of a compact design that was made to be taken anywhere you need it to go, complete with a power system when it can get over 900 hours of use[...]