Spacebase Startopia Releases A Beginner's Guide Trailer

Kalypso Media is looking to help you get on your feet early in Spacebase Startopia as they have released a new trailer to guide you. The folks over at developer Realmforge Studios have put together a Beginner's Guide trailer for you to see how the station life will go for you at the start. This guide will give you a quick rundown of the three different decks your station will be running and you'll be in charge of molding to best suit everyone's needs. As well as warn you of dangers on the way. We've been waiting a long time to play this one ever since we saw it at PAX West and we're looking forward to reviewing it soon. The game will be released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles on March 26th.

Everybody has to start somewhere when building a galactic hub. Courtesy of Kalypso Media.
Everybody has to start somewhere when building a galactic hub. Courtesy of Kalypso Media.

Spacebase Startopia is a galactic new take on a fan-favorite space base-management game set in…well, space! This vibrant and often absurd universe offers players an exciting blend of city-building and base-management, with a flash of RTS skirmishes. By breathing life back into a true classic, developer Realmforge Studios strikes a careful balance between nostalgia and innovation in its reimagining of the popular strategy game, which revolves around a donut-shaped space station filled to the brim with a colorful cast of aliens managed by their tireless commander (that's you, human).

In Spacebase Startopia, players will carve out their own little space in the universe, ready to become a galactic utopia – if your management skills are up to the task. With three different game modes and a vast amount of management decisions to be made under the watchful eye of the VAL, the station's sardonic AI, there's plenty of in-depth gameplay waiting for new and seasoned players alike. But beware of invading space pirates, who will do their best to ruin your carefully laid plans!

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