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Disciples: Liberation
Kalypso Media revealed this week they will be releasing Disciples: Liberation for PC and consoles this October The team has been hard at work on this dark fantasy RPG developed by Frima Studio, as they are looking to give you a high fantasy experience that is totally in your control We have more info and[...]
Tropico 6 Will Be Throwing A Party With The Festival Update
Kalypso Media released a brand new update today for Tropico 6 as the island will be throwing a Festival you MUST attend This new content will allow you to throw the biggest bash this island has seen since it was taken over by your father, as you'll be able to get fireworks, a concert, blimps,[...]
Port Royale 4 Will Be Getting Released On The Nintendo Switch
Kalypso Media announced today that Port Royale 4 will be coming to 4K as it will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 10th Aside from the obvious of being featured in 4K with 1080p, this version will come with cross-gen save capability and real-time cloud rendering, in both Standard and Extended Digital[...]
Disciples: Liberation
Kalypso Media showed off a brand new gameplay trailer this week as we get a better look at the glory to come from Disciples: Liberation The trailer gives off a better look at what's to come with a guided chat with the developers showing off everything What's more, the team has opened up registration for[...]
Port Royale 4 Will Be Getting Released On The Nintendo Switch
Kalypso Media revealed today that they will be sailing Port Royale 4 into port on the Nintendo Switch this month The trading sim based in the 17th Century has been available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One so far, but it will now venture into Nintendo territory as it will arrive on May 28th, 2021[...]
Railway Empire Adds The New Japan DLC With Lots Of New Content
Kalypso Media has released a new DLC pack into Railway Empire as the simply titled "Japan" DLC is on the way As you might suspect from the title, the content focuses on landmarks, stations, sights and sounds, and engineering from the county of Japan at the time of the era the game is set in[...]
Kalypso Games Are Celebrating Tropico's 20th Anniversary
Kalypso Media are proud to announce that they will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of one of their most celebrated games, Tropico The series has had one hell of a run with six titles under its franchise and several DLC packs in between The team will be kicking off the festivities where else, but in[...]
Trying To Make Space Livable In "Spacebase Startopia" At PAX West 2019
Kalypso Media is looking to help you get on your feet early in Spacebase Startopia as they have released a new trailer to guide you The folks over at developer Realmforge Studios have put together a Beginner's Guide trailer for you to see how the station life will go for you at the start This[...]
Kalypso Media Announces New Dark Fantasy Game Disciples: Liberation
Kalypso Media and Frima Studio announced a brand new game on the way as we're getting a dark fantasy title called Disciples: Liberation The game is primarily a strategy RPG that will have you exploring the Disciples franchise in a new light It will be up to you to help liberate the land of Nevendaar[...]
Trying To Make Space Livable In "Spacebase Startopia" At PAX West 2019
Kalypso Media revealed this week that they will officially launch Spacebase Startopia on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this March Developed by Realmforge Studios, the game revisits the classic space station management title by putting you in charge of making one of the best stations in the galaxy for everyone to visit You'll build, maintain, and[...]
Trying To Make Space Livable In "Spacebase Startopia" At PAX West 2019
Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have revealed that you can currently preview Spacebase Startopia for the Xbox Series X/S right now Starting today, the upcoming space station management sim is now available to pre-purchase and play immediately on Xbox One, as well as on Xbox Series X/S through Xbox Game Preview, plus on PC via the[...]
Tropico 6 Receives A New Add-On Called Caribbean Skies
Kalypso Media released a brand new add-on for Tropico 6 this week as you can now fly free with Caribbean Skies The add-on to the game includes a new scenario-driven campaign, drones for you to mess with, eight new buildings that work with the drones, four new edicts, two new traits, three new palace decorations[...]
Commandos 2 - HD Remaster Comes To Nintendo Switch This Week
Kalypso Media will be releasing Commandos 2 – HD Remaster this week on the Nintendo Switch with a ton of improvement to the original The company went to great lengths to take the original title and make sure that it retained all of the awesomeness it had before while adding in a ton of new[...]
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Adds A New Mysterious Clan
Kalypso Media and developer Palindrome Interactive revealed the Moroia update for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is now available The game is currently still in betas as we slowly approach the August 28th release date, but players who have been devoting time to playing it deserve a bit of an update And it comes in the[...]
Tropico 6 Receives A New Update With The Lobbyistico DLC
Kalypso Media has released a brand new DLC pack for Tropico 6, as you will see the true extent of political string-pulling with Lobbyistico The DLC adds in a few new options to show off the corruption that can happen on the island, as you show off how lobbying actually works when you control both[...]