Two Random Items From Pixel Pals: Dragonborn Meets Superman

In one of the most recent shipments we received of Pixel Pals for review, we got two that just didn't fit into any particular set, so we decided to review them together. Today, we check out the Superman design, as well as the Dragonborn design from Skyrim!

As it with all Pixel Pals, both run on a pair of AAA batteries which can be inserted into the back with an easy to remove cover. I would much rather these figures start being changed out so that instead of batteries, you can simply charge them. There are optional battery packs with a USB charge specifically made for these figures, but after having some many of these so far, I would argue its time to change the design to a charging version.

Superman looks about as good as he can in pixel form. There's no way the "S" would be prominent on his chest, but for what it's worth, they do a great job on the suit. The standard red and blue are brightly colored with the yellow additions to the emblem and the belt. They even threw in an extra nod to his hair and gave him a curl. As for Dragonborn, his design is much more muted in color but a lot more detailed. You're essentially looking at shades of gray and brown doing the best work they can to give his helmet and gear definition, and they pulled it off well, even down to his bucklers.

I like the Superman design as a base-figure, but I feel like they could have done more with him. Dragonborn is an amazing design and look that fans of the game should pick up if they like having a pixelized version of the character. DC fans will dig Superman, but he just isn't complete without more members of the Justice League around him.

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