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What the Hell Am I Looking At? We Review One of the "Feisty Pets"

Every year, there seems to be some sort of Christmas-themed toy that makes its way to my desk. This year, I got a Feisty Pets toy from ThinkGeek as part of a series of items for review. And I have to be honest with you… I don't know what the hell I'm looking at. Feisty Pets are actually created by the William Mark Corporation, but they're not sold to the public through their company, and instead, are sold to other companies for them to sell. So basically what we're saying here is that we're not giving ThinkGeek any grief for this toy, we're just confused why they have it.

What the Hell Am I Looking At? We Review One of the "Feisty Pets"

The basic premise behind Feisty Pets is that they're stuffed animals that look normal on the surface, but then they turn into scary creatures. All you have to do, as seen below, is pinch a mechanism on the back of their head to turn cute and cuddly into freakish and deadly. This particular bear designed for Christmas looks all innocent until you activate him and suddenly his eyes scowl and he bares his fangs. There are no batteries for this, it makes no noises or does anything else. It's basically a stuffed bear that can be changed to look ravenous (as long as you're holding the mechanism) and can change back to look innocent.

What the Hell Am I Looking At? We Review One of the "Feisty Pets" What the Hell Am I Looking At? We Review One of the "Feisty Pets"

Honestly, we have no clue who this is targeted to beyond people who want a little Halloween in their Christmas, or parents who want to traumatize kids for fun. You can't even really cuddle with it as the device in the head to make them evil is a large chunk of plastic. So it becomes really confusing to decide what it is your truly buying here and for what purpose if not for a novelty item to have around the house. He looks cute, which is the main selling point, but beyond that, it's all personal and subjective taste.

What the Hell Am I Looking At? We Review One of the "Feisty Pets"

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