A Simple Favor Is Getting a Sequel; Feig, Lively, Kendrick Returning

Apparently, there is some justice in this world because one of the most underrated movies of the last ten years is getting a sequel. When A Simple Favor came out back in 2018, it wasn't exactly what one would fall a worldwide smash, but it was far from a flop either. It was a modest black comedy from director Paul Feig with Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding. It had a budget of $20 million and brought in a worldwide box office of just under $100 million. The reviews were pretty positive, too, as it garnered an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. While the response wasn't massive, it is one of those movies that people have grown to appreciate more over time and has gained something of a cult following in recent years.

Usually, cult following movies sort of hang out in the back of everyone's mind, which makes the news that dropped today so surprising. According to Deadline, Lionsgate has partnered with Amazon to greenlight a sequel to A Simple Favor with Feig, Lively, and Kendrick all set to return.

A Simple Favor Is Getting a Sequel; Feig, Lively, Kendrick Returning
A Simple Favor. Credit: Lionsgate

This project is still pretty early in development because we don't have a ton of details, but we know that Lively and Kendrick are reprising their roles as Feig plans to direct again. Jessica Sharzer will write the screenplay, with  Laura Fischer set to produce. Meredith Wieck and Scott O'Brien are overseeing the project on Lionsgate's end. The thing that makes this project interesting is that there isn't a sequel to the book that the first movie is based on, as far as we know. So this would be original material just for a new movie. Considering how much fun the first movie was, I'm willing to give all of this the benefit of the doubt and see if they can make lightning strike twice.

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