Blair Witch Director Wanted the Film's Ending to Feel Ambiguous

If you're a fan of The Blair Witch Project or the general Blair Witch world (three films, a couple of games, etc.), you're likely used to not really getting answers.

Ever since the first Blair Witch Project film in 1999, there was a general level of confusion that seemed to be the film's goal. Granted, that was when found footage was still a new concept, and people were genuinely confused about what's real or fake; there were some obvious cliffhangers. The second film, titled Blair Witch: Book of Shadows, is a largely forgettable film (if you're one of the lucky ones), and the 2016 continuation of the first film was a real attempt to capture the essence of the first.

Blair Witch Director Wanted the Film's Ending to Feel Ambiguous
Photo Credit: Lionsgate – Blair Witch (2016)

The reboot/sequel film went on to get mixed to negative reviews and wasn't well-received by moviegoers either, so the film's similar ending with minimal answers was perplexing to some. In a recent interview with Dread Central, the film's director Adam Wingard spoke up about his idea of what the ending was meant to be, and the answer is expectedly vague.

Wingard tells the publication, "I just have to kind of reiterate, if I was going to reveal what happened, I would have revealed it in the movie." He added, "That's part of the Blair Witch: I have my own interpretation of what's going on there, but the mystery of Blair Witch is what is so interesting. The Blair Witch Project, that's what I always loved: there's never definitive answers."

Don't be mistaken though, the director does have some idea of where he would take Blair Witch after that ending, but don't expect it to become public knowledge. He explains, "I think it's always important that the filmmakers have an answer, that we're not just like J.J Abrams. I think he's a very talented director, don't get me wrong, but you always feel like he does this thing where he tees up all these mysteries, and he doesn't really have an idea what the mysteries are. He just kind of comes up with really cool ideas, and they never quite pay off, and it's always a little disappointing. I do have an idea what was going on in Blair Witch; there are definitely definitive concepts there, but I think unless they were explored in another movie, it will just always have to be a mystery."

Do you think we need another film to expand the story of the witch, or are we better off leaving those woods unexplored?

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