Booze Geek – Black Dynomite Black IPA

By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: Black Dynomite Black IPA
Brewery: 902 Brewing Co.
ABV: 7%

902 Brewing is a hometown brewery, based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. Naturally, I am about anything New Jersey related (with the exception of our petty governor), so I have to support my local breweries. They have put out some good stuff and their Black Dynomite Black IPA was the latest brew from them I swigged back.

Black Dynomite
was a very dark brown, almost black in color. It produced a small head and left a lasting ring of thin lacing around the rim of the glass. It gave off scents of roasted coffee, malt and a bit of chocolate.

902 did a bang up job with the flavor profile of Black Dynomite. I got a lot of creamy and roasted malt, but this is an IPA so there had to be some hops. The hops came out in the finish, but not overly so. Instead, they complemented the malt very nicely, creating a very balanced and very tasty beer. On the palate, it was smooth and pleasant to drink.

So far, 902 have produced some solid beers, but Black Dynomite stands out to me as their best one yet I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this hometown brewery continues to do.

What to Drink This To:


With a name like that, I can only think of one thing to enjoy this beer with: Black Dynamite! Released in 2009, Black Dynamite is an homage to 1970s Blaxploitation films and equally hilarious film. The film stars Michael Jai White, best known as Spawn, as Black Dynamite, a former CIA agent who takes his battle to the streets in order to cleanse them of "Anaconda" Malt Liquor, which causes the drinker to suffer from, well, shrinkage for lack of a better word. The move is completely tongue-in-cheek, shot on Super 16 and with a noticeable amount of gags like boom mics showing and the colors warping. But it really succeeds in its humor, the outlandish nature of the film completely playing to its merits. Since then, the movie has spawned a comic and TV series.

Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world. He lives in a cave in New Jersey.

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