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Elysian Brewing Going Above & Beyond For Halloween In Seattle
If you're living in the Seattle area and are looking for something spooky to go with your beer, Elysian Brewing has got something awesome planned Along with a set of speciality brews made for the season with different kinds of pumpkin flavoring, the company has partnered with the Georgetown Morgue, one of Seattle's premier haunted[...]
bud light
On Tuesday, the beer company revealed that those "Bud Light Legends" are being reunited for an ad set to air during the NFL's championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (but you can check it out below) In the ad, a "crisis" involving an overturned delivery truck and a lack[...]
Oregon Brewery Ninkasi Give Away Free Comic From Dark Horse
comic cans series. Oregon Brewery Ninkasi Give Away Free Comic From Dark Horse Written by Ninkasi co-founder Jamie Floyd and Jim Gibbons and illustrated by Eduardo Francisco, the story follows the Goddess Ninkasi, Tricerahops, Jamie Floyd & Nikos Ridge, and other familiar characters in the pursuit of delicious beer. Here's the link to the sign-up form – they[...]
Wilheim and Adam are nervous about the tasting on Brews Brothers, courtesy of Netflix.
What's that – you don't really know what the show is about? It's about two brothers, both "braumeisters" (that's the hipsters who make all the pretentious beer everyone pretends to like), but they have very different personalities and styles of brewing Wilheim (Alan Aisenberg) is a laid back dude who is like that one frat[...]
brews brothers
It's been on my radar for awhile, but I realize it's flown pretty low to the ground in terms of hype, and I'm here to change that. Netflix So, what is this show? No, it's not another live action attempt at Mario – it's about two brothers who run a brewery together, but have very different attitudes[...]
Review: "Game Of Thrones" - "My Watch Has Ended" Beer By Ommegang
They've created many a beer for the series that have had their own distinct flavors, textures, and overall good times after imbibing But as the series has come to a close, we taste what will be the 15th and final offering from their multi-year partnership with HBO We had a chance to try out and[...]
Review: Ommegang's Game Of Thrones "For The Throne" Golden Ale
Before we bolted for PAX East this week, we got a lovely surprise to review as Ommegang have a new Game Of Thrones themed beer called "For The Throne" We've had a few of these pass through our lips over the past couple of years, all of them having their own distinct tastes that make[...]
Hellboy is Getting an Entire Line of Snooty Craft Beers
Do you like Hellboy? Do you enjoy drinking beers with names like "Indigo Blue Fruit Ale" and "Maple Syrup Pancake Beer?" If the answer to both of those questions is "yes," then you almost certainly live in Portland You're also the perfect target demographic for a new line of Hellboy beers bring produced by Oregon[...]
Review: Game of Thrones – King in the North Beer
We got another awesome opportunity, as the holidays approach with the cold, to warm our souls up with some Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang This time around, we got King in the North: a mighty imperial stout fit for Jon Snow, with an 11% ABV A lot of the brews we've received from Ommegang[...]
Red Wedding Brew: We Review Game Of Thrones' Mother of Dragons Beer
Every time we have the pleasure of receiving a new Game Of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang, it's so tempting to just call the article "I Drink & I Know Things" The wonderful people at HBO were kind enough to send us a bottle of their latest brew, this one called Mother of Dragons in[...]
Dark Horse Partners With Ninkasi Brewing Company for Custom Comic About Beer Goddess
The publisher has partnered with an Oregon microbrewery to produce a comic book about its mascot, the Sumerian goddess of beer, and launch a spinoff craft brew From the press release: Beer and comics fans rejoice! Dark Horse Comics and Ninkasi Brewing Company are "hoppy" to announce a new partnership These two innovative and creative Pacific[...]
Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer
If you're going to get drunk on some kind of beer made to pay tribute to a TV show, you can't go wrong with the Game of Thrones beers from Brewery Ommegang (at least, until someone finally gets around to making some kind of special brew for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) HBO was kind[...]
black flag brewing company
Obviously I'm not alone, as Black Flag Brewing Company, located in Columbia, Maryland, released a limited edition Saved by the Bell beer just for St Patrick's Day! I checked it out last Friday during the brewery's St Paddy's Day '90s Party, and I'm glad I did The brewery is beautiful — it's brand new, impeccably clean,[...]
crab shack shandy
Let me fill you in on a secret (that I think everyone knows): I love National Bohemian Beer I have Mr Boh — the winking mascot — tattooed on my arm. So when Pabst Blue Ribbon, the parent company of National Bohemian, released a new Natty Boh flavor, I knew what I had to do! This[...]