Botanist Explains Biological Relationship Between Groots [Infinity War Spoilers]

The parentage of Groot has been a hotly contested matter for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. Director James Gunn has previously gone on the record saying that the baby Groot that appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is actually the son of the original Groot who sacrificed his life to save his friends in the first film.

Botanist Explains Biological Relationship Between Groots [Infinity War Spoilers]

However — and this is a spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War — Gunn seemingly contradicted this assertion over the weekend when he revealed that Teen Groot's final line to Rocket before being wiped out by Thanos was "Dad," indicating that, at least on an emotional level, teen Groot viewed Rocket as his real father.

It looks like this matter is more complex than we originally thought. Who, exactly, is Groot's real father? Do we need to take this to the Maury Show?

Thankfully, another expert has decided to weigh in on Twitter. James Wong, a self-described "British-Malaysian botanist with a special interest in food & medicinal crops," took to the social media service to explain the fictional alien's real-world biology:

So is the matter settled now, or not?

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