[CinemaCon 2019] Sarah Connor Declares That She'll "Be Back" In New Terminator: Dark Fate Footage

Paramount Pictures took the stage to show off footage from their slate of upcoming movies. This is a year where Paramount doesn't have a Mission: Impossible or a Transformers movie to show but that didn't stop them from showing off a ton of movies. The big one that everyone was looking forward was Terminator: Dark Fate. Ahead of the footage reveal that the studio showed off they released six new pictures from the movie.

Director Tim Miller took to the stage and began to get emotional as he talked about how important this series is to him and what an honor it was to continue the story of the characters he fell in love with when he was younger. From there he warned attendees that the footage we were going to see what incomplete and to take that into account as we watched the footage.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The clips open on a highway in Mexico City. We see ice begin to form on the ground and lightning begin to spark from the ground. Someone is time traveling and since the highway is over a bridge and where the person is traveling they drop underneath the bridge and hit the ground hard. It's Grace played by Mackenzie Davis. Two teenagers are nearby and they run over to try and help her however it isn't long before the police show up. Grace is very out of it, she can barely move, but as the cops try to arrest the two teenagers Grace comes to and she is a robot. She attacks the cops and the two teenagers thank her for helping them. She says "don't thank me yet" and takes the teenage boys clothes and takes their car.

We cut to a bridge in the daytime and we see black metal forming into a terminator. It's Gabriel Luna's terminator and there is another one on the bridge as well. Grace is with Natalia Reyes's Dani Ramos and tells her to run when they start killing her. Things are about to go down when a car drives up and it is Sarah Connor [Linda Hamilton] with a giant gun. She begins to shoot Luna's Terminator and eventually sends him over a bridge. She drops the gun to the side and pulls out a rocket launcher to take out the other terminator.

From there we move to various shots from the movie. We see fights and explosions, Luna's terminator turning his arms into blades to kill soldiers, lots of awesome looking scenes that clearly show off that this is going to be on bonkers looking movie. The scene ends with Sarah dropping a grenade over the edge of the bridge as she stands with Grace and Dani and says "I'll be back."

Terminator Dark Fate

The footage ended with the cast coming on the stage including Luna, Reyes, Hamilton, Davis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger had plenty of things to say and much in the same way that Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie hijacked the presentation last year Schwarzenegger did the same thing here. He spoke at length about what the franchise has meant to him and how he was able to simplify something like climate change during his political career by saying something like "terminate climate change". Hamilton also spoke about how it was going to take something very special to bring her back to this series.

It was clear that Paramount was ready to move on but Schwarzenegger wasn't having that. He revealed that he was told only him, Miller, and Hamilton were going to speak despite the fact that Davies, Reyes, and Luna were on stage as well. Since no one is going to cut Schwarzenegger's mic he let Davies, Reyes, and Luna all get a chance to say something. Davies said she was excited to talk about working with Schwarzenegger and Hamilton at CinemaCon since she isn't able to really say anything about the movie. Reyes praised the diversity of the movie and Luna thanked the "pride of lionesses" that he got to work with.

There was no indication when footage is going to be released to the public but since the scene we saw were unfinished and the release date being so far away, November 1st to be exact, there's a good chance we're still a month or more away from seeing something released to the public.

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