Director James Mangold Calls for a Hollywood Boycott of Fox

Director James Mangold worked for 20th Century Fox before they were bought by Disney on several movies, including two of the X-Men movies and Ford v Ferrari. They helped him make one of the best superhero movies of all time and earn several awards nominations along the way. Mangold does not have any loyalty toward the people who used to finance his movie. He took to Twitter to condemn Fox News for creating the monster that is Donald Trump and called for people in Hollywood to refuse to work with the network.

"Indiana Jones 5": Steven Spielberg Steps Away, James Mangold in Talks to Direct
James Mangold arrives for the ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Screening on November 04, 2019, in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /


"Watching lawlessness in our capitol — thugs supporting a coup — & deeply saddened," Mangold said in a Tweet. "The Murdochs have inflicted so much racism, sexism, virulent lies & damage to our nation. Fellow content makers, we must cancel appearances on Fox & use our power to keep ads 4 our shows off Fox." When someone pointed out that he worked for Fox and how was he just realizing how damaging they are, Mangold did not shy away from the fact that he is culpable and should have spoken up earlier.  "There's a difference between assholes and traitors, but you still make a good point. I should have stood up sooner. We all have lines we draw often we draw them too late, hoping for change. I regret ever helping the Murdochs make a dollar in the past. They are deplorable."

When someone else pointed out that their conservative friends didn't care for Fox News anymore and were more partial to OANN and Newsmax, Mangold simply replied with, "Who gives a fuck. Fox is the original mothership." Someone else said that the President is the one who caused this; Mangold replied with, "Fox created this president. And supports his enablers." The curfew for DC and the domestic terrorism that occurred on the US capitol is still a developing situation, and we hope that there is no further bloodshed tonight.

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