Green Lantern Corps. is Still Being Worked On

To say that the state of the DC Extended Universe is in flux would be an understatement. They had a plan and then that plan got kneecapped by four movies that no one seems to really love (and one that worked like gangbusters). Now the state of the studio is all over the place with people leaving and being moved around, the announcement of movie after movie with no indication of whether or not they are actually going to happen, and the prospect of a soft reboot in the form of a Flashpoint movie. One of those many announced movies is Green Lantern Corps. which we've heard almost nothing about for years. IGN spoke to David Goyer as the TCA's, he is the only name attached to the movie at the moment, and he confirmed that the movie is still happening.

The Green Lantern Corps. film is "still in the works," despite a recent shakeup with the DC film universe, according to Goyer.

Green Lantern Corps. is Still Being Worked On

Just because the movie is still happening doesn't mean that we're going to be seeing it anytime soon.

"I don't know. Who knows, especially with what's currently going on with the DC universe? There's obviously a whole recalibration happening with that right now."

The DCEU is in the midst of a major change and we do know that the Green Lanterns exist in the current state of the universe thanks to Justice League. As for whether or not the movie Green Lantern Corps. actually comes to be? We'll have to see what happens in the next year or two.

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