After Hardys' Triumphant Return Match At Wrestlemania Last Night, WWE Cut DELETE Chant From Live Broadcast

Last night at Wrestlemania 33, The Hardys returned to the WWE as surprise additions to the Raw Tag Team Championship ladder match, to the overwhelming approval of the crowd.

And they quickly proved that they're still at the top of their game, defeating three other teams to win the championships in their first match back, and on the grandest stage of them all at the Ultimate Thrill Ride (TM).

While celebrating in the ring, Matt and Jeff started to make the DELETE sign with their arms, kicking off a DELETE chant in the crowd, though WWE cut immediately to replays of the match and muted the sound. The Hardys are currently embroiled in a legal feud with former employers TNA Wrestling over the use of their Broken gimmick, and other than the millisecond of the DELETE arm sign, WWE made sure that the Hardys did not portray the gimmick on their broadcast. It looks like WWE isn't willing to challenge TNA owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment over the trademark just yet.

Later in the evening, WWE posted a backstage interview with Matt and Jeff Hardy that took place before the match. Watch it below:

In a post match interview, however, the boundaries were pushed a bit more.

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