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Deadpool Movie Spoilers – Stan Lee's Full Frontal Cameo, Rob, Fabian And The After-Credits And A Very Special Surprise Character (UPDATE)

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A low-spoiler review of the movie is here.

Afterwards, I was asked by some Bleeding Cool readers some specific questions about certain aspects of the film, that don't touch the central plot or characterisation of the movie. If you don't want to read spoilers, don't go any further.


It was revealed at San Diego Comic Con that Stan Lee's cameo in the Deadpool movie would be as an MC at a strip club.

Stan Lee does not make cameos in all the Marvel movies, let alone the Fox ones. The last time we saw him was in X-Men 3. The Wolverine films, First Class and Days Of Future Past had no room.

But what appearances he has made of late have upped the raunch factor a little, with him judging a beauty contest in Iron Man 3. Now we find out why.

In what the opening titles name him as "Gratuitous Cameo",  Stan appears as a DJ in an explicitly portrayed full frontal strip club. Thankfull, Stan keeps all of his clothes on. But the women all around him, at best, are wearing stilettos. And Stan Lee telling us "you can't buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes."

Yeah, this was never going to be PG 13…

Okay, now onto the credits.

As I mentioned in my Deadpool review, the intro credits must have taken some considerable persuasion for everyone from actors to writers to producers to sign off on.

But during that freeze frame whoosh around, we do see a coffee cup, in mid air, contents flying with the customer name written on the side, Rob L.

That's for Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the character. He gets a shoutout later in the bar where Wade hangs out, someone calls out "Hey Liefeld".

But actual credits? You'll have to wait for the final credits for "A Special thanks (with tongue) to Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza."

That's the one that Rob personally intervened in, to get added. I am sure Fabian will love that.

UPDATE: A few more. Liefeld's name is on the "Deadpool" chalk board in the bar, there's a Liefed sign on a highway and a Nicieza Street, and towards the end there's mention of a "Gail" who makes a mean stew… Gail Simone, folks.

There is an after-credit scene with Deadpool doing a riff on a very famous after credit scene from days gone by. One of the originals you might say, and in doing so, commenting on all the Marvel movies doing after credit scenes.

There is also meant to be another after credit scene, that is not seen in the pre-release prints. So you get to tell me what that one is…

Oh yes. The surprise character from Deadpool's comics. You'll know that the film has Weasel. And Vanessa. And Blind Al.

But do you know who else it has? And for this I'm going to need a big spoiler signal…


It has Bob.

That's right, Bob, Agent Of Hydra. Deadpool's henchbuddy. I won't tell you where or when but he's there, Wade knows him and calls him by name.


It is hilarious.  Enjoy…

First appearance Cable & Deadpool #38… oh, and Gail is his wife.


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