James Gunn Compliments Font on Poster for New Kelsey Grammar Flick 7 Guardians of the Tomb

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn seems to find the font for 7 Guardians of the Tomb to be a little bit familiar. Gunn took to Twitter to post:

7 Guardians of the Tomb is a film starring Kelsey Grammar, Kellan Lutz, and Li Bingbing that appears to be some kind of mashup of Indiana Jones, The Mummy, and Arachnophobia. The premise of the sci-fi/horror flick:

An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 BC China unearths a 2000 year old nightmare – a secret that should have remained buried.

Check out a trailer for 7 Guardians of the Tomb:

But despite taking issue with the choice of font, Gunn said he wasn't worried about the film usurping his role as director of the most popular "Guardians" movies around:

Though he is all in on the casting choices:

Mark your calendars: the best Kelsey Grammar movie since Periscope Down is set to hit the U.S. on February 23!

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