Legal Feud Between Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan And TNA Wrestling Heats Up On Twitter

billycorganTaking to the medium most suited for conveying important, nuanced information about his ongoing legal battle with pro wrestling company TNA, Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan blasted TNA and business partner Anthem Sports & Entertainment over $1.8 – $2.7 million allegedly owed to Corgan by TNA. Former TNA President Corgan recently tried to gain control of the company using a clause in his contract related to the company's financial insolvency, but a judge ruled that the finances of TNA are so murky, it was impossible to tell if they were any worse off than when Corgan signed the deal. Anthem then released a statement claiming Corgan was no longer with the company, and they would be financing operations from now on. You can read Bleeding Cool's earlier report for more details.

With his attempt to gain control over TNA in court thwarted, Corgan took his fight to Twitter on Thursday…

…which prompted a response from the twitter account of Anthem's Canadian TV channel, Fight Network:


Corgan was undeterred, however, taking the fight to the network via its @mentions:

Things quieted down for a day or so before new Corgan Twitter offensive was provoked by a New York Post article claiming Corgan lost a second legal battle with TNA, which would have added a $900,000 to Corgan's $1.8 million credit, based on Anthem's claim that they are a creditor of TNA and not new management. Corgan contests that Anthem is now running TNA, representing a change in management that would trigger the premium, and threatens further action if he isn't paid.

Corgan's threat to sell his stock to a "PW titan" is a likely reference to Sports Entertainment company WWE, formerly known as Titan Sports Inc. WWE has long been rumored to have interest in purchasing TNA's tape library at the right price, but is likely to have little interest in owning a non-controlling share of the beleaguered company. Rumors that TNA majority owner Dixie Carter was negotiating to sell the company or tape library to WWE behind Corgan's back were a factor in Corgan's original lawsuit.

With both the legal and social media platforms being thus far unable to solve this dispute, it seems there's only one logical place left to settle it… in the steel cage.

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