SONY 'Masters of the Universe' Starts Filming this Summer

A collective sigh of relief was uttered Tuesday morning, as relieved Masters of the Universe fans were able to get about their daily routines now that someone in Hollywood has finally mentioned momentum on the new film.

SONY 'Masters of the Universe' Starts Filming this Summer
The bar isn't set very high…

Production Weekly announced that production is set for Sony's Masters of the Universe film to begin filming in July of 2019:

That's good news for MotU fans, who have been waiting since the earlier parts of the Reagan administration for a faithful film adaptation of the beloved franchise. Sure, there's the Dolf Lundgren fiasco in 1987. Who can forget the mystique and unintentional comedic majesty of Frank Langella's Skeletor?

Sure, the production values of the 1987 film were on par with an average episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and those energy swirls were about the best you could produce when Crayola supplied the special effects budget, but there are some seriously great moments of cinema to be had if you drink hard enough.

Sony's new movie has been in and out of development since the studio acquired the rights to Masters of the Universe back in 2009. The film has already had a number of false starts, with McG having left already as director, and a new script treatment from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway to tweak the work David Goyer already has in place. No word on who is directing now.

The foundations of the story are already in place, so it shouldn't be that hard to translate those elements onto the big screen. Start with a ridiculously buff prince, give him a magic sword and a talking cat to ride around, and make sure no one attacks him when he holds said sword in the air for 90 seconds and his clothes disappear. Throw in another ridiculously buff dude with a skull for a head, give him some cool henchmen, and bam! License to print money!

All kidding aside, we're hoping Sony can get it right. If it's done correctly, a Masters of the Universe movie could be a ton of fun, and go a long way towards introducing a whole new generation of fans to the venerable franchise. Until then, we'll always have this:

Masters of the Universe may be the untiled Sony release set for October 2nd in 2020 (even though it's likely Venom 2).


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