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masters of the universe
There's a whole lot more of Chris Wood's He-Man/Prince Adam this season – a change from "Revelation," which saw Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar, now voiced by Melissa Benoist) take center stage In an interview with SFX Magazine, Smith addresses the MOTU fans who panned "Revelation" by reaffirming that Teela's journey was an essential part of[...]
masters of the universe
Set to hit Netflix screens on January 25th, the upcoming MOTU animated series is an all-new story that shines a spotlight on the "He-Man vs Skeletor" dynamic in a way that you've never seen before It's technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to[...]
Masters of the Universe
The upcoming MOTU animated series is an all-new story that shines a spotlight on the "He-Man vs Skeletor" dynamic in a way that you've never seen before It's technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the planet in the next epic chapter in[...]
Masters of the Universe
The upcoming MOTU animated series is an all-new story that shines a spotlight on the "He-Man vs Skeletor" dynamic in a way that you've never seen before It's technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the planet in the next epic chapter in[...]
masters of the universe
The MOTU animated series is an all-new story that brings the focus to He-Man vs Skeletor as you've never seen them before It's technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the planet in the next epic chapter in the battle for Eternia But[...]
The Mandalorian and Grogu and Back at S.H.Figuarts for Season 3
It is time to return to Eternia with a truly impressive 1:1 scale bust of He-Man himself Releasing as a companion piece to Tweetehead's previously revealed Masters of the Universe Skeletor bust, good and evil can now clash at your home Coming in at 31.5" tall, He-Man is masterfully crafted, showing off a more realistic[...]
Dark Horse also has launches for Subgenre by Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres, Tear Us Apart by Jay Baruchel and Alessandro Micelli, Usagi Yojimbo: Ice & Snow by Stan Sakai, and Saint John by Dan Schkade and Brennan Wagner in association with Portland Gear. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px[...]
Dream Exploration Awaits with LEGO DREAMZzz Mr. Oz's Spacebus
Four minifigures are included with Battle Armor He-Man, Webstor, Buzz-Off, and even Ninja Masters of the Universe fans will be able to attack or defend the Power Tower as well as build the Attak Trak and comms station New He-Man adventures will await collections with the MEGA Masters of the Universe Eternia Battleground Building Set[...]
Mattel Unveils First-Ever Masters of the Universe He-Skeletor Figure
He-Skeletor comes from a world were He-Man was the bad guy, and Keldor never becomes the villain we know as Skeletor However, this destiny leads him right into the call of the Power Sword, and He-Skeletor is born This alternate blue He-Man is ready to bless your collection, and this will be the first-ever release[...]
Faker Wants Revenge with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Masterverse 
The infamous He-Man clone Faker is back, still blue and ready to rumble with his newest figure This android is packed with detail and accessories like chest armor, an axe, sword, and swappable hands He-Man might fall if you bring home this guy, and the Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Faker s priced[...]
Mattel Surprises Fas with Masters of the Universe Fall 2023 Catalog
It looks like the Snake Men Era has finally arrived at Mattel with plenty of ssssinister villains, troopers, and a sweet 4-Pack Bundle set with He-Man The Masterverse line is packed with plenty of heat, too, with Prince Adam, Faker, Clawful, and plenty of other classic characters getting that updated Masters of the Universe design[...]
Mattel & Rec Room Collaborate For Masters Of The Universe Release
It is here where you will be able to dress up as one of three characters from the series as they have He-Man, Skeletor, and Teela, as well as being able to equip your own Power Sword We have more info and a couple of quotes from both parties about his collab as it will[...]
Mondo Announces Master of the Universe 1/6 Scale Anti-Eternia He-Man 
Our heroes better watch out as Anti-Eternia He-Man has arrived again in our dimension Coming in at 12" tall and featuring 30 points of articulation, this figure brings the power of Hell-Skull right to your shelves It was not long ago that we saw Mondo re-release their popular 1/6 scale He-Man figure, and now Anti-Eternia[...]
Masters of the Universe He-Man 1/6 Scale Figure Returns to Mondo
He-Man is back as part of the Masters of the Universe line that is exclusive through Mondo It was not long ago that we got a timed exclusive release of Battlecat, and now fans can acquire his faithful rider if they missed his original Mondo release This figure is packed with incredible detail, fabric elements[...]
Mattel Debuts Two New Masters of the Universe Shogun Master Mechs
The Masters of the Universe world just got a whole lot bigger as Mattel Creation unleashed the might of two new Shogun Masters Mechs! He-Man and Faker are getting large and in charge with these powerful 2-foot-tall mechs that are packed with detail Each of these mechs has wheels on its feet, comes with their[...]
Masters of the Universe 1/6 Battle Cat Coming Soon from Mondo
Battle Cat has arrived to help He-Man take on the forces of evil with incredible detail, articulation, and accessories Just like past Masters of the Universe Mondo figures, Battle Cat will also be a Timed Exclusive and will only be available for one week starting October 25, 2022 This is one of Mondo's biggest creations[...]
He-Man and Battle Cat Embrace the Chocolate with Mattel Creations
He-Man and Battle Cat Masterverse figures are getting an artsy rerelease as they feature repaints in a very monochromic color, but I prefer the chocolate aspect Masters of the Universe collectors get a sweet treat with an Artist Proof design for these figures in new packaging; all included accessories and a comic book by Reggieknow[...]
Dolph Lungren's He-Man Joins Mattel’s MOTU Masterverse Line
If you love this, then be sure to check out the live-action He-Man figure here, which also comes that does include a classic He-Man head sculpt Mattel is really expanding their 7" Masterverse line, and I love that they are plenty of lore to capture throughout the history of the MOTU franchise to explore Masters[...]
Dolph Lungren's He-Man Joins Mattel’s MOTU Masterverse Line
It looks like Mattel has really brought some figures out of the left field for the Masterverse line as we return to 1987 for the live-action Masters of the Universe film! That is right; the chaotic and odd live-action films are back as Dolph Lungren has the power as he takes up the mantle of[...]
Iron Studios Has the Power with New Masters of the Universe Statue 
A new limited edition hand-painted He-Man piece has arrived in standard and deluxe form This statue brings the iconic phrase "I have the Power" to life as he holds the Power Sword up high.  We are showcasing the Deluxe Version here, which includes an added dynamic base as our hero stands at the entrance of Grayskull[...]
He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe S03 Trailer, Images Are Here
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the more family-friendly animated series streaming on Netflix, just debuted its new trailer at the big 40th anniversary MOTU panel at SDCC in Hall H The new season, the third already if you can believe it, will debut on August 18th This show has tapped into something that[...]
Masters of the Universe Masterverse SDCC 2-Pack Unveiled by Mattel
The on going fight between He-Man and Skeletor has hit 40 Years, and Mattel wants to celebrate Mattel has unveiled an exclusive Masters of the Universe Masterverse He-Man vs Skeletor set for SDCC 2022 Each Masterverse figure will feature 30 pins of articulation and is loaded with vintage detail with modern articulation He-Man and Skeletor[...]
Masters Of The Universe Will Be Coming To Fall Guys
In what is being boasted as the first-ever mash-up between the two entities, which will feature a limited edition multipack featuring multiple figures from the series, including He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, and Battle Cat, all made to look like Fall Guys Beans All of which will be put into unique packaging that will do its best[...]
Mattel Unveils Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain MEGA BLOKS Set
Six figures are included with the set with MEGA BLOKS versions of He-Man, Ram Man, Webstor, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Trap Jaw This is one massive MEGA BLOKS set, and Mattel was sure to capture all the details just right, from the lava fall and Bone Throne to the impressive detail of the demon's head. Mattel has[...]
Mondo Announces 24-Hour Timed Deluxe MOTU He-Man Event 
That is right, the power of Grayskull arrives with a Deluxe He-Man 1/6 scale figure from Mondo This is a brand new release from the company featuring updated accessories and updated design, paying tribute to his original Mattel debut Three versions of He-Man can be created from the figure alone with Original, Battle Armor, and[...]
He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Statue Revealed by Tweeterhead
The iconic duo of He-Man and Battle Cat arrives with a highly detailed and beautifully crafted 1:6 scale statue He-Man and Battle Cat measure 23.25" tall, 16.75" wide, and 25.75" long, with the two displayed in action Eternia is safer than ever with these two on the field and with Battle Cat lunging into battle[...]
Mattel Gets Nostalgic with New MOTU Masterverse He-Man
Releasing as part of their Masterverse line, He-Man is getting a splash of nostalgia with a brand new figure The Masterverse line amps up the classic figure line with more modern sculpt with modern articulation in 6" format However, Mattel is giving fans a throwback with the 40th Anniversary He-Man with retro-style packaging and a[...]
Masters of the Universe Sorceress Brings the Magic to Iron Studios 
In the past called Teela Na, when her village was attacked by Evil Horde's servants, she sought help in Castle Grayskull, and after being welcomed in the mystic fortress by her predecessor, she took the mantle of protector and ended up being known as the Sorceress from Castle Grayskull." #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:[...]
Tiffany Smith on Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Andra & Teela
But for now, it looks like Hamill's getting in some serious Season 2 recording work. Image: Screencap FRIDAY April 29 2022 "To-Do" List: Voice this guy all day. SATURDAY April 30 2022 "To-Do" List: Rest my voice all day.#SKELETOR 💀 pic.twitter.com/EsgfavML8h — Mark Hamill (@MarkHamill) April 29, 2022 Now here's a look back at the official trailer for showrunner & EP Kevin[...]