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MOTU: Revelation Writer Tim Sheridan Shares His Fav Character to Write
As you're reading this, the power of Masters of the Universe: Revelation has officially been unleashed on the world  The first five episodes of Kevin Smith's reimagining of Eternia and its inhabitants have been viewed by the press and early reviews are mostly positive The writer of one of these first episodes, Tim Sheridan (Batman:[...]
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After all of the teasers, trailers, preview images, and promises, Mattel Television, Netflix, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now less than twenty-four hours away from hitting streaming screens around the world Picking up where the original '80s cartoon left off, MOTU: Revelation is set to expand the franchise's universe and[...]
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Now that Chris Wood  (Prince Adam aka He-Man) has gotten everyone up-to-speed on the history of He-Man and his battles with Skeletor, there's nothing to stand in your way from checking out Mattel Television, Netflix, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation, right? Well, there's one thing- it doesn't come out until Friday,[...]
Masters of the Universe: Revelation: Wood Offers He-Man History Lesson
Remember when folks were counting down the days to get a preview image or a teaser for Mattel Television, Netflix, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation? Well, we can tell you without hesitation that good things come to those who wait- as MOTU fans have seen for themselves over the past month[...]
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This is the week that "Masters of the Universe" franchise fans have been waiting for, the week when Mattel Television, Netflix, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation comes storming on to streaming screens after months of promises, previews, and a whole lot more To start the week off in proper "MOTU" fashion,[...]
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By this time next week (barring a potential early drop- hmmm…), viewers will have had the opportunity to check out Mattel Television, Netflix, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation, a sequel series to the classic animated series that already has folks talking (and unfortunately, some trolls trolling)[...]
Funko FunKon Day 2 Reveals - Suicide Squad, Cap Wolf, and More
There was a nice assortment of Pops reveals with the DC Comics and Masters of the Universe dominating the announcements for the day Starting us off first was Pokémon with new Diamond Collection versions of everyone's favorite Bulbasaur and Squirrel Things then took a magical turn with the revels of the Snow White and the[...]
Funko FUN TV FunKon Edition - Funko Soda Exclusives Revealed
The Soda's that were showcased during FUN TV include: Ad Icons – Kaboom Cereal – 3,000 Limited Edition – Colored Variant Chase (FunkoShop Exclusive) Marvel Comics – Thor – 15,000 Limited Edition – Black Light Chase Variant DC Comics- Harley Quinn – 12,000 Limited Edition – Metallic Chase Variant Masters of the Universe – Webstor – 5,000 Limited Edition[...]
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With less than three weeks to go until Mattel Television and Netflix unleashes Masters of the Universe: Revelation, you might be (nor) surprised to hear that showrunner, EP & all-around MOTU fan Kevin Smith is still dealing with backlash from butthurt MOTU "gatekeepers" attacking the series based on nothing more than rumors, innuendo, and some[...]
american horror story
Bosch: Michael Connelly Offers Details on IMDb TV Spinoff Series Image: Now here's a look at the five articles that nearly made the cut, in no particular order- MOTU: Revelation reveals Dennis Haysbert's King Grayskull look, Animal Kingdom goes back to the pilot, Monsters at Work intros the new shift, Loki rewriting the rule of death[...]
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Who knew you'd have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to thank for getting a better sense of how Lucifer star Dennis Haysbert's King Grayskull will look in Netflix, Mattel Television, and showrunner & EP Kevin Smith's animated sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation? See, we like to look at Bleeding Cool in the same way[...]
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So it seems our coverage of showrunner & executive producer Kevin Smith, Mattel Television, and Netflix's pseudo-sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation has come full circle this week First, we heard from Smith as he explained how he sold the series to Netflix's Ted Bieseli (also a huge MOTU fan), which was originally titled "Masters of[...]
Big Spoiler for Next Week's Masters Of The Universe: Revelation
Next week sees the publication of the first comic book issue of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation ahead of the Netflix TV series, working as a prequel to the show, by Kevin Smith, Rob David, Tim Sheridan, and Mindy Lee In the lead-up to release, one panel from the comic book on sale on Wednesday[...]
lovecraft country
fate, MOTU: Revelation reveals official trailer, Fargo's Noah Hawley talks "Alien" series, and Misha Green's Lovecraft Country ends its run: Lovecraft Country: HBO, Misha Green Not Moving Forward with Season 2 Noah Hawley Updates Alien Series; Offers Brief Fargo Season 5 Update Heels: Stephen Amell Offers Prod Update, Previews Jack Spade Accent Masters of the Universe: Revelation Unleashes Part[...]
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How's that for timing? Only after hearing from showrunner & executive producer Kevin Smith about his approach to Mattel Television and Netflix's pseudo-sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation, fans are getting a chance to see how close he's gotten to his vision with the release of not just new preview images but an official trailer for "Part[...]