Michael Fassbender Wants You Question Rooting For The Assassins In Assassin's Creed


Assassin's Creed is one of the last big movies coming out this year. Seeing how Ubisoft's franchise translates to screen with a talented crew behind it is my most burning question left in film this year.

Michael Fassbender, who is playing the leads in the movie recently spoke to Empire, and explained that this won't be a simple tale of good vs bad. It seems the Assassin's morality will be in question during the film, with Fassbender saying:

It's not like Star Wars, where you've got the light side and the dark side. This is very ambiguous morally. Both of these parties — the Templars and the Assassins — are hypocritical at certain points. There are not clear-cut good and bad characters. I think it's a little more provocative for an audience to see that. You know, 'Should I be feeling that? Should I be backing this character?' That's always fun.

It's a plot point the games have messed around with in previous years, so it only makes sense here. While the templars are almost always seen as bad, but the role of assassins has certainly come into question. Good to see the film picking up on that.