No Ron Perlman Cameo In 'Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen'

Information on the new Hellboy movie is slowly becoming available as the production start date creeps closer. We just got some new casting announced the other day but now someone has come out and asked the question people have been wondering for months; will we see a Ron Perlman cameo in this movie?

No Ron Perlman Cameo In 'Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen'It's not uncommon for actors to cameo in the reboots of their previous movies but the Hellboy movies are a different animal. In this case it's because Guillermo del Toro spent so many years trying to make a Hellboy 3 and was shut down on every level. Now he isn't part of the franchise anymore and neither is Perlman. A fan asked Perlman on twitter whether or not he'd be up to doing a cameo in the new movie and Perlman gave a pretty straight forward answer.

That sounds pretty cut and dry so it might be time to let this one go. We are getting a new Hellboy movie no matter how much you may complain or yell about it on twitter. This is clearly a soft spot for Perlman still so maybe it's time we stop poking this wound. Perlman gave the project as much of his blessing as he felt able to at the time so let's give David Harbor a chance before we demonize this entire production.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, directed by Neil Marshall, will star David Harbor and Ian McShane. It currently has a 2018 release date.

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