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New Predator Film Reportedly On The Way From Director Dan Trachtenberg

20th Century Studios is going to try and bring back Predator again. A fifth film in the franchise proper is on the way, with the studio tapping Dan Trachtenberg to direct and Patrick Aison writing the script. The last film in the series was released in 2018 by director Shane Black and was seen as a creative and financial disaster. Plot details are secretive for now, but it sounds like they won't be picking up the threads from the last Predator film either. One of the most iconic sci-fi characters, 20th Century Studios was never going to let this one rest for too long. Deadline was the first with the news.

New Predator Film On The Way From Director Dan Trachtenberg

Why Not Another Predator?

I love both Alien and Predator; both franchises are great, but at this point, I am not so sure that we really need any more films in either universe. They keep trying every few years now, and while I liked Predators, it also failed as badly as the 2018 film. Both franchises have seen their heyday pass them by, at least in the film realm. They are still alive and well in the figure world, and soon Marvel will breathe new life into the comics. Predator has a robust life outside the theater, so why not let it lie for a good nap before trying again? I like Trachtenberg; 10 Cloverfield Lane was great, and having him attached here is good news indeed. Is there anything he can bring to the franchise that will feel fresh and new? That 2018 film relied way too hard on the original 1987 classic as far as tone and execution were concerned and was soundly rejected. If the tried and true way of doing things doesn't work, where do you go?

I don't want this to come off too negative; if this comes to fruition, I will be first in line because, again: I love Predator. But it is becoming increasingly hard to get excited about new entries in these tired franchises when all they tend to do anymore is disappoint.

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