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QMx Enters the Jungle With New Predator Q-Fig Max Elite Statue
Quantum Mechanix has revealed their newest Q-Fig Max Elite statue with a trip to the iconic and legendary 1987 film, Predator That is right, the Jungle Hunter is back and in adorable QMx Q-Fig format with this might full diorama statue The might hunter lurks in the trees as QMx captures the Predator in an[...]
Invisible Predator and New Predator Hounds Arrive from Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys continues to expand its Predator 1/18 scale figure line with two new PX Previews exclusive releases Up first is the return of a fan-favorite hunter, Chopper, from the alternate timeline film Alien vs Predator (AVP) Chopper is back but with a new paint deco as he gets a new translucent mold inspired by[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
Last month, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Marvel Comics was pulling its new Predator comic book launch, the variant cover promotional campaign and the Predator Omnibus reprinting the Dark Horse series No reason was given, the best direction we had was that the new scheduled date of October and November was to make a[...]
Predator Rights In Legal Dispute Between Original Writers & Disney
Predator fans, take a seat on the bench next to Jason Voorhees The rights to the franchise are now going to be held up in court, much like the Friday The 13th rights The 1987 film writers, Jim and John Thomas, are suing Disney to reclaim Predator from Disney, who owns the franchise after purchasing[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Orders For Predator #1, Delays Until November
Last night, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Marvel Comics had cancelled all orders for their new Predator series, scheduled for June, with the news that the series would be rescheduled for November Expected to be Marvel's best-selling title for the month, given the performance of Alien #1 last month – and its 300,000+ orders,[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Orders For Predator #1, Delays Until November
Marvel Comics recently solicited the new Predator comic book, following their successful launch of Alien #1 (with over 300,000 orders) But only a few days after the solicitations for the new series went live, Marvel has announced that all orders for Predator #1 have been cancelled The same goes for the Marvel Vs Predator variant[...]
The Predator King Reigns Supreme With Newest XM Studios Statue
Bow before the king as XM Studios expands the lore of the Predator franchise with their newest statue Capturing the hierarchy of the Yautja species, their ruler makes his presence known to his subjects This seasoned veteran is the champion of his race and someone you will not want to come into contact with as[...]
Predator Jungle Hunter Hunts Again With Hiya Toys Revised Figure
With the 35th anniversary of Predator arriving in 2022, Hiya Toys is already preparing for the event The classic Jungle Hunter from the 1987 film is back and better than ever with this new revised 1/18 scale figure Predator V2 will feature screen accurate paint scheme, skull and spine accessory, and it loaded with detail[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
With the release of the Marvel June 2021 solicitation, comes the launch of the new Predator comic book from Marvel, after they picked up the license from Disney-own ed Fox last year, pulled from Dark Horse Comics You don't ho-ho-ho with the Mouse The new series will be launching by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker,[...]
The Predator Hunts The Marvel Universe In A Series of Variant Covers
 Well, Marvel has officially jumped in by giving us a taste of how their heroes would fare when facing off against sci-fi movie monster, The Predator  Marvel not only announced all-new comics coming later this year starring the character, but they will also be releasing a series of themed variant covers this May. In describing the mash-up of[...]
New Predator Figures Join the AVP Hunt With New Hiya Toys Reveal
Predator Two new Predators are on the hunt once again as they join the 1/18th scale figure line Up first is the new Invisible Celtic hunter who is displayed with a clear translucent design for the perfect tactic to take down the Xenomorphs Even with translucent material, Hiya Toys packed with amazing detail and even[...]
The New Predator Walmart Exclusive Figures From Lanard Are Deadly
Recently, new figures from hit science fiction franchises Predator and Aliens appeared exclusively to Walmart from Lanard Toys Being massive fans of both series, we just had to go on the hunt and find some of ourselves, and boy, we were impressed We recently showed off the new 12" Predator that Lanard Toys also released,[...]
Predator Fans Have A new 12 Inch Figure To Get From Lanard Toys
Predator has joined Alien with new toy lines from Lanard Toys, and I am conflicted about it The Predator figures are new this month and come in both seven inches and the deluxe version, which we will look at here These are not high cost, as this big figure only costs $20, but someone other[...]
Predator Has Come To Hunt Prey In Fortnite
A brand new character has made their way into Fortnite, and you'll be making your way to the chopper faster when you see Predator Chapter 2 Season 5 has added another character who collects bounties, of sorts, as you are getting both the masked and unmasked versions of the iconic '80s hunter storming into the[...]
Elder Predator and Scar Predator Join the Hunt at Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys continues to unveil new Predators for their growing 1/18th scale figure line This time fans are getting two more additions from the crossover hit, Alien Vs Predator Up first is a repeat character with the Scar Predator, who is back once again This time he is getting a new invisible deco with transparent[...]