Rian Johnson Has Revealed The Title for Knives Out 2, Glass Onion

While Netflix might be having some problems with the financial part of the business, they still have a ton of content on the metaphorical shelf that needs to come out, and some of it is looking good. One of those pieces of content is one of the two sequels to Knives Out that Netflix paid a small fortune for. We know that the movie is coming out this year and that it will be during the fall or holiday season, likely for the awards season push since the first movie was an unexpected awards season contender, but aside from a few seconds of footage, we haven't heard anything. Director Rian Johnson took to Twitter today to reveal the title of the new movie, Glass Onion and posted a few tweets talking about the inspiration of the franchise, Agatha Christie. 

Something I love about Agatha Christie is how she never tread water creatively. I think there's a misperception that her books use the same formula over and over, but fans know the opposite is true. It wasn't just settings or murder methods, she was constantly stretching the genre conceptually. Under the umbrella of the whodunnit she wrote spy thrillers, proto-slasher horrors, serial killer hunts, gothic romances, psychological character studies, glam travelogues. When I made Knives Out, that's what excited me about the prospect of making more mysteries with Daniel as Benoit Blanc – to emulate Christie and have every film be like a whole new book, with its own tone, ambition, reason for being… and (ta dah) title.

Rian Johnson Has Revealed The Title for Knives Out 2, Glass Onion
Credit: Netflix

Knives Out was one of the surprise hits of 2019, even though it shouldn't have been a surprise at all. The cast was absolutely fantastic, and there was a running joke that if everyone in the world wasn't in the two Avengers movies, then half of Hollywood was in Knives Out. The movie made a decent amount of money at the box office, but the critical acclaim and the fact that it ended up shortlisted for a bunch of awards helped too. This is a modern-day detective story, and the best thing about those movies is that you don't need to bring back the entire cast for the sequel, just the detective, which is why it wasn't surprising that Lionsgate greenlit another movie. Knives Out 2, or Glass Onion as we know it now, put together an extremely impressive cast and wrapped production in September of 2021.

Summary: In the follow up to Rian Johnson's KNIVES OUT, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects.

Glass Onion, directed by Rian Johnson, stars Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline with Kate Hudson, and Dave Bautista. It will stream to Netflix this holiday season.

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