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Knives Out was the sort of movie that everyone knew was going to be good because of its fantastic cast and director, but no one was really sure if there was a market for an old-school murder mystery It turns out there very much because the movie made over $300 million on a $40 million[...]
Netflix Buys the Rights to Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 For $450M
In a move that is leaving this writer extremely conflicted, Netflix has reportedly spent nearly half a million dollars on the rights to the next two sequels to Knives Out. Knives Out was a movie that sort of came out of nowhere in terms of box office and critical success Everyone who knew about the movie was really[...]
[FANTASTIC FEST] "Knives Out" - Rian Johnson Slays the Whodunit (Non-Spoiler Review)
We all made a lot of jokes when Rian Johnson was putting together the cast for Knives Out that everyone was in this movie, and it was true That movie had one hell of a cast, and while we all thought the movie was going to be good, there is a good chance that Lionsgate didn't think[...]
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We are thrilled to have Con-Goers be one of the first to experience our new Watch Party Platform, a virtual space where friends and fans can meet, interact and host watch parties, no matter where they are in the world." Comic-Con@Home and Scener logo While the show and anime line-up (powered by Funimation) is still being finalized,[...]
Examining the MPAA's PG-13 "One F**K to Give" Policy
Then maybe a movie like Knives Out keeps its original script where Ransom (Chris Evans) tells all of the members of his family to "Fuck off" instead of "Eat shit" because they're willing to get an overall rating of a 14 Rian Johnson can do what he thinks is best for his film People can[...]
Everything Coming To Amazon Prime Video In June
Newer films like the Child's Play remake, the excellent Knives Out, and last summer's breakout Crawl will also be added to Amazon Prime Video. On the TV side, every season of Life in Pieces and the first part of the second season of their original series Pete the Cat will debut A good mix f stuff[...]
Dangerous Lies starring Camila Mendes | Official Trailer | Netflix
If she's going to survive, Katie will have to question everyone's motives—even the people she loves." This looks like the Lifetime version of Knives Out doesn't it? I don't say that necessarily in a bad way, Dangerous Lies still looks pretty good Imagine how it may look if Knives Out hadn't been released first and been[...]
Dubbing it Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Knives Out, or a murder mystery with giant robots, Giga appears to be set in a world recovering from a major disaster that has impacted everyone's lives Just, in this case, it's what happened after the giant robots stopped fighting the giant monsters Graeme McMillan of THR describes it[...]
Oscar-nominee Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game, Jack Ryan) is set to direct and executive produce the series about a father (Chris Evans) dealing with the accusation that his son, Jacob (Jaeden Martell), is a 14-year-old murderer. Starring Chris Evans (Knives Out, Avengers: Endgame), Michelle Dockery (Godless), Jaeden Martell (Masters of Sex), Cherry Jones (The Handmaid's Tale, 24),[...]
Chris Evans and Scott Derrickson Making Thriller 'Bermuda' Together
Chris Evans is coming off finishing his run as Captain America in the MCU and a memorable turn in the Rian Johnson hit Knives Out last fall The film will be produced by Skydance Derrickson and his writing partner C Robert Cargill will write the script The film will center around, you guessed it, the[...]
Rian Johnson [Possibly] Ruins Mystery Movies in a "Knives Out" Scene Breakdown
Knives Out was one of the best movies of 2019 and netted a bunch of awards nominations and success for director Rian Johnson The movie was a big enough hit that Lionsgate has decided to greenlight a sequel Vanity Fair has given Johnson the chance to breakdown once the scenes from the movie in their ongoing[...]
Rian Johnson
One of the biggest hits of 2019 was Rian Johnson's whodunit Knives Out With its enormous box office success at $304 million globally, there is already discussion about the next film as an unexpected franchise with Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc in a sequel Little details were provided in the film, but Johnson doesn't want his[...]
Knives Out 2?!?!? -- I Don't Want Another Benoit Blanc Movie [OPINION]
Knives Out's success at the box office made an announced sequel almost an inevitability And so, like Gravity's Rainbow, et voila! today it was announced we'd get a follow-up tale that furthers the adventures of Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). And I'm just not here for it. Don't get me wrong: I loved Knives Out It was my[...]
[FANTASTIC FEST] "Knives Out" - Rian Johnson Slays the Whodunit (Non-Spoiler Review)
Two top executives at Lionsgate confirmed a sequel to Rian Johnson's popular murder-mystery Knives Out (2019) is in the works CEO Jon Feltheimer and Motion Picture Group Chairman Joe Drake confirmed in a February 6th conference call for its production The film garnered a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for the Johnson, and multiple Golden[...]