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"Rocky Balboa" is the Rocky Film Sylvester Stallone is Most Proud Of

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone has joined other stars in doing live q&a's on Instagram while we are all holed up at home. In a recent one on his personal account, Stallone was asked which of the Rocky films he was most proud of. The first Rocky film is his best film he said, but as far as which he is most proud of, the answer may surprise you.

Rocky Balboa Poster

I'd have to say my best movie probably of course is Rocky. The one I'm most proud of is Rocky Balboa. Because no one wanted to make it. I sat around for six years trying to make that film and when it came out, I was so proud of it, because of what we had to go through to get it done.

Rocky Balboa IS a Good Film

Stallone is not wrong. Nobody, and I mean nobody expected Rocky Balboa to be a great film when it was released in 2006. After Rocky 5 effectively killed the franchise in 1990, most expected to never see the "Italian Stallion" on film again. Even after Stallone had a bit of a career resurgence in the late 90's, studios just didn't want to touch the old action franchises from the 80's. After years of trying to get Rocky and Rambo back in theaters, Stallone finally cracked the code and got Columbia Pictures and Revolution to agree to do it.

What followed was a more emotional experience than anyone thought was possible. Seeing Rocky mourn Adrian and deal with the life that has now passed him by, it was heartbreaking. I don't care who you are, if seeing a training montage and hearing"Gonna Fly Now" doesn't make you want to run through a wall you are not human. Plus: because of this film we got Creed. That alone makes it worth it.

If you haven't watched this one in awhile, do it. It is the second best film in the franchise (I said what I said) and deserves respect.

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